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Amazon Fire 7 now selling for just $21 with case

How cheap is cheap enough for a tablet? Well, retailer Woot is setting new standards here with its offer to sell the Kindle Fire 7 for a measly $19.99. And if you want a case, that will add another $1 to the bill. What that means is you can have a full fledged 7-inch tablet for as low as just $21.

However, there is a catch, as it usually is with such deals. The offer applies to the 2017 model Amazon Fire 7 tablet with Special Offers. The latter refers to discounted Amazon hardware where the retailer shows ads in lieu of offering the device at a comparatively lower rate compared to the regular models.

In any case, $21 for a 7-inch tablet complete with a case (plus free shipping for Prime customers) is a new low for an Android based tablet by any standards. Also, the above prices apply to the model with 8 GB of storage while the same with 16 gigs of storage will cost $10 more. And yes, 8 or even 16 GB is might seem archaic by today’s standards but were pretty much commonplace just about a couple of years back.

As for the tablet’s other specs, those are just about decent, what with a quad core processor it comes with. The display is lip up by 1,024 x 600 pixels, which again is nowhere near as eye popping as current gen devices come to offer.

But then again, all such limitations can pale off when compared to the ridiculously low price tag it is currently selling for. The tablet meanwhile runs Fire OS which again is heavily based on Android but does not offer access to the Google Play Store. Rather, there is the Amazon App Store to fall back on and is a decent place to be in for new apps.

Ans just in case you are wondering if there are any takers for the tablet, the base 8 GB model is already sold out. As of this writing, it is only the 16 GB model, and that too in shades of Black and Yellow that are available. The offer is on still stocks last.

So, if you are looking to pick up  a tablet at dirt cheap prices, this is your moment. You will probably never have it this cheap, even during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.