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OnePlus to temporarily disable ‘X-Ray camera’ on the OnePlus 8 in an update

The OnePlus 8 might have gone for some rave reviews from critics and fans alike though there seems a little issue with its camera – its ability to see more than it should. It is the ‘Photochrom’ filter that has a storm brewing around it after some users found out it can see through even plastics and thin clothing.

Responding to the situation, OnePlus has stated they are working on an update which will disable the setting as of now. It has also extended its apology to users of the OnePlus 8 as well as other citizens given the privacy concerns all of it has led to. The said update should be available in a week at the most.

The particular filter which has earned notoriety as the ‘X-Ray camera’ functions by picking up infrared light which otherwise is invisible to the naked human eye. It also isn’t something that ordinary everyday users of the OnePlus 8 should have anything to do with though such settings do have specific uses. For instance, it can enable users to see in the dark or in smoky conditions where normal human eyesight has limitations.

OnePlus made the announcement on Weibo where it said they will be disabling the camera setting for now. However, the company is yet to specify how they wish to see the particular setting to function in future. The feature has to do with the fourth camera in the phone’s quad camera setup. The company also didn’t explain in its marketing stuff how it performs in real life but did state it was for fun.

The photos with the particular setting also aren’t anything to be too excited about given that those are of monochrome nature and aren’t too sharp either.

As the company mentioned in its marketing material, it sure is for some fun but can be a huge privacy concern for others.

It is a good thing though OnePlus is owing up the issues and is promptly disabling the same before the matter blows over. Unfortunately, the particular sensor will have no other function, that is till the company comes across something meaningful to do with it.