Home Technology Silent Hills horror series might be back soon, as a PS5 exclusive

Silent Hills horror series might be back soon, as a PS5 exclusive

Here is the news that can surely infuse some new life into ardent gaming fans, the Silent Hill series is all set to make a comeback. According to gaming tipster, Dusk Golem, who again has a solid reputation of being bang on with his revelations, has stated a demo and playable version of the game to be available already, which points to its imminent release some time soon.

While no accurate launch window is known at the moment, Golem is claiming the wildly popular horror gaming series could be piggybacking the PlayStation 5 when the latter is launched, most likely in around a few weeks. That again won’t be without reason as the soft reboot of the popular gaming series is going to be a PS5 exclusive as well.

Aesthetic Gamer, as Dusk Golem is also known as, further added the Japanese subsidiary of Sony is in charge of developing the Silent Hills series. Overseeing the entire project is Keiichiro Toiyama while actively contributing to the above pursuit is composer Akira Yamaoka and artist Masahiro Ito who are also among the biggest fans of the Silent Hills series as well.

What is also laudable is that the soft reboot of the horror game series is in an advanced stage so that a formal launch within weeks is perfectly possible. That can be explained by the fact that the game has reportedly been in development since the beginning of 2019 itself.

Also, while reports of a soft reboot of Silent Hills is perhaps the sweetest piece of news that some gaming freaks might have had in a while, here is the disclaimer – the above information is best ingested with the proverbial pinch of salt. None of what has been stated so far has been confirmed, let alone being acknowledged by Sony.

In any case, with the official launch of the PS5 due soon, we sure will get to the bottom of this as well soon enough. Keep watching!