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New Apple patent suggests Apple Glasses can be controlled via blinks and stares

The Apple Augmented Reality glasses are back in the news again, as it has often been the case for the past few years. This time, the latest report on this is claiming users will be able to control the AR glasses by merely staring at it.

At least that is what an Apple patent application has revealed, where gaze-tracking would serve as a means for controlling the device.

According to 9to5Mac, the patent applications details the use of advanced eye-tracking tech to pick up different movement or gestures of the eye. For instance, the technology can pick up and differentiate between a blink, stare, or other motions to perform various tasks via the given user interface.

Maybe users will also be able to customize the action that each of their eye movements performs.

This will let users have the freedom to choose what action to perform with their eyes so that the movement that comes most naturally to them can be used to perform the most common tasks and so on. Then, there might be touch sensitive zones as well that will let users have more options to control the device.

However, it could still be years before we get to see the above make it to any real AR or VR glasses from Apple. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on two augmented reality and virtual reality glasses. Further, the report claims, the pair of AR glasses is being referred to internally as the N421 and is expected to be ready not before 2023.

Meanwhile, there is another headset codenamed N301 that too is in the works, one that packs in more powerful internals and is also a bit bulky as well. This headset will combine both AR and VR technologies and is expected to be ready for use by 2021 itself.