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5 Ways You May Be Shortening the Life Cycle of Your Smart Device Without Even Knowing

It’s no secret the devices that serve us come with a limited life cycle, the extent of which depends on how well they’re taken care of.

Hence, shelling out a big chunk of change for a new smartphone or tablet prompts you to think – after all, you want it to serve you for a good number of years before it’s time for the next upgrade.

Unfortunately, too many people are still unaware of how they are exposing their smart devices to an array of damaging factors, albeit inadvertently. So from now on, be sure to either avoid doing the following or at least try to keep it to a minimum:

Not giving it a break from time to time

Yes, leaving your smart device running day and night is not doing the hardware any favors. Of course, a lot of users decide to keep their smartphone overnight due to running a sleep analysis app or even a simple alarm clock app, which is fine. But if you never give it a breather, this is going to have a negative impact on its overall service life. Give yourself an honest answer… do you really need to keep it running while watching tv or spending time with your friends or loved ones?

Playing games while the device is charging

It could be argued that battery life is still the Achilles’ heel of modern smart devices, no matter how technologically advanced they may be. So the next time you play Angry Birds, watch Netflix or even do something as simple as taking a call while you’re charging your phone, think again. This can lead to overheating, which is very bad for the device’s battery life and it can happen very quickly while it’s plugged in.

Keeping it plugged in once it’s already charged

On a similar note, you may also want to think twice about leaving your device charging overnight, although it can be practical. The so-called ‘trickle charges’ it keeps getting when the battery has long reached the 100% charge put an enormous amount of stress on it. While a day or two of this bad practice is unlikely to result in noticeable damage, it will build up over time and disrupt the chemistry within.

Forcing the charger when it just won’t budge

The tiny port that comes with the charger can be quite delicate, so jamming in the charging cable by force can never be a good idea. While the charging cable is disposable enough to replace without incurring high fees in the process, the actual charging port is a whole different story. An accident may happen while you’re running short on time, but if you’re under no particular pressure, do take the extra couple of seconds and remain patient when you’re plugging it in.

Clogging up the storage space to the brim

When caught up in the day to day tasks, it’s easy to lose track of storage space, especially if you’re on the lazier side and couldn’t be bothered with maintenance. The problem is, once you start running out of storage, your device will take a huge blow in terms of its performance. In other words, you will be pushing it to work harder to accomplish even the simplest of tasks, which can take a toll on the hardware over the course of time. So please go through the apps you’re no longer using or any multimedia files that no longer serve any other purpose than take up space and delete them.


How many of these 5 things were you aware of and how many are you guilty of doing despite your better judgment telling you otherwise? Let us know in the comments below.