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Bing has been renamed as Microsoft Bing

The Microsoft search engine, Bing, has a new name – Microsoft Bing. That is no big deal, you might be saying, but then, that’s the way it is. The Redmond based company said the change is still significant in that it depicts their efforts to integrate ‘our search experiences across the Microsoft family.’

So, it is like letting the people at large knows Bing is a Microsoft development. That, in turn, will provide for better brand awareness and help the Microsoft brand to grow further. Of course, those are the underlying things that the company won’t be acknowledging though the immediate change to be seen is that the new brand, ‘Microsoft Bing’ is already there on the Bing homepage.

The Bing logo too has undergone some changes, albeit subtle ones. For instance, the edges have been softened out a bit while the particular shade of blue also seems to have been adjusted to match with the rest of the Microsoft products. So, there isn’t a huge difference as such as the primary aim behind the move seems to be to bring about uniformity with the way its products and services look, feel, and function.

Also, it is not only Bing as Office 365 too has come to be renamed as Microsoft 365. Similarly, Windows Defender has been renamed as Microsoft Defender.

The Bing search too has improved a lot in recent times. That said, the improvement in its functionality is yet to reflect on the ground where Google has been found to dominate the online search market with a whopping 84 percent market share.

In contrast, Bing has just 6 percent of the market to itself.

Microsoft though has introduced some nice means to entice users to use Bing more.

For instance, there is the Give with Bing program where you can earn reward points for using the search engine. Such points can then be donated for a noble cause, such as a non-profit organization though you can also buy Xbox Game Pass membership with the same.