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Tech Trends in Business Management Amid the Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has massively impacted our society. People are no longer able to freely meet up with their friends or family and business organisations across the world have been forced to undertake remote working – even if their job isn’t suited to it. Fortunately, technology has helped to ease this transition. As such, tech trends in business management have started popping up left, right, and centre. So, let’s look at what these are and how they’ve been beneficial for companies during the pandemic. Read on to find out more.

Task Management Software

Remote working makes it difficult for businesses to share information and/or documents with one another. This is particularly challenging if your business is based around group work. Fortunately, task management software can help teams to overcome this barrier. Software like Trello and Microsoft Teams allows people to share documents with each other. These tools also make it easier to set goals and monitor progress, as employees will tick off tasks as they go along. Task management software has been a real lifesaver for business projects.

HR Service Delivery

It’s more important than ever before to look after your employees. However, HR teams have been struggling to provide workers with the best possible care because of the limitations of remote working. Thankfully, HR service delivery software has been developed, meaning human resources teams can still look after their workforce’s wellbeing. For example, HR software makes it easier to manage employee complaints or queries. It usually has an in-built help desk that staff can access for assistance, too. There are also asset management tools and business analytics that can evaluate the performance of your operations.

Conferencing Tools

Remote working has caused a breakdown in communication between business teams. Sending emails just isn’t an effective way to deliver information. That’s why many business managers have been relying on conferencing tools during the pandemic. For instance, the video conferencing tool Zoom has been incredibly popular. This allows teams to schedule meetings and communicate with one another face-to-face. Other conferencing tools include work messaging apps, where the team can send instant messages to one another. Having a constant stream of conversation keeps all the workers up to date and means any questions can be answered instantly.

Performance & Engagement Tools

Working from home and working in an office are two very different things. There are many more distractions at home, leading employees to come off task. Of course, it’s not good to micro-manage your staff – but you did need to make sure they are being productive. This is where performance and employee engagement tools come in handy. They can monitor how well workers are getting along with tasks/sales, so managers can intervene when they see somebody is slacking. This software also makes it easier to deliver appraisals as supervisors can back up what they’re saying with data-driven evidence.

These are some of the biggest tech trends we have seen in business management during the pandemic. If you have started operating remotely, make sure to utilise these tools.