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Missed Social Security Payments? Check Out What To Do!

According to the Social Security Authority in America, about 63 million citizens are beneficiaries of social security in one form or another. For most of them, however, being retirees – such income and benefits is essential for day-to-day existence and has become paramount to survival. What happens if a Social Security beneficiary misses a payment? Why will this happen? Conversely – what happens if they receive extra – this article will explore such pertinent information. Read on if you are interested.

Missed Social Security Payments? Check Out What To Do!

Mistakes Happen

Whilst the number of payments that the Social Security authority supplies is close to 70 million senior citizens according to Outsider, with social security benefits and checks monthly. Furthermore, whilst mistakes are said to be rare – according to Outsider -” And while the SSA rarely underpays recipients, mistakes still happen”.

Underpayments Definition

Whilst all industries and some companies have their terms and jargon that they are familiar with – Outsider made it clear that the Social Security Authority defines Underpayments as:  “an accrued benefit amount that was not paid, a check(s) representing correct payment to a deceased beneficiary that was not negotiated, or an issued payment that was returned or not received”.

Furthermore, in certain rare situations, one can still receive their benefits but not in full. If this happens, or any of the aforementioned situations arise – it is paramount that you get hold of the Social Security Authority as soon as possible. According to Outsider – such problems can be rectified in this case – but the sooner you get hold of the Authority the better, and the longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to rectify a problem or underpayment. Their contact details are at the bottom of this article if you need them.

Over Payments

According to Outsider in very rare cases the Social Security Authority in America may overpay beneficiaries. This is less than .2% of the time though. However, if the situation – however beneficial you might think it is – is not rectified and as soon as possible you might see a cut in your social security benefits or income. This will be done to pay the amount back – if the Authority finds out. Below are their contact details if you need them:

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