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Cryptocurrency Crash: Melania Trump Loses $80,000 On Her Unique Hat Auction

The Former First Lady lands in trouble after the Cryptocurrency of Solana blockchain crashes. After the auction on the iconic White Hat, which she wore during her first visit to The White House, there was a massive dip in the Cryptocurrency market. 

Former First Lady In $80,000 Loss After The Auction From Cryptocurrency

Recently Melania Trump was seen selling her hat in a particular auction. The White Hat that she wore in 2018 while visiting the White House with her husband Donald Trump, who was then the president of the USA, was priced at $250,000. As claimed by The Washington Post, the price of her hat even climbed up to $275,000, but eventually, she ended up in a considerable loss.

Melania Trump Wanted the Price To Be Paid In Cryptocurrency

At the end of the auction, she wanted to get the payment done in the Cryptocurrency of Solana blockchain, which is known as SOL. The price of this Cryptocurrency was $170 per token. But after she revealed her auction in early January, the trading price went down. According to the reports on Wednesday, this token ended up at the price of $95. 

Melania Explained All About The Macrons’ Visit

She explained how the hat was a perfect fit to her attire while she welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron at The White House. The auction also listed two pieces of artwork that also gained attraction. Further, Melania’s Office also said that a share of the auction money would be given to children in the foster home. The money will be used for providing the kids with an opportunity to get better access to computers and modern technology. Further, it is not very evident and certain that this claim is genuine.

When the Cryptocurrency crashed, the highest bid came equivalent to the price of $170,000, which ultimately made a massive loss of $80,000 to Melania Trump. The best she can hope for now is to wait for the trading price to go up, but according to many reports, the trading price can dip even further.