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More Time In FEMA Housing For Survivors Of Hurricane Laura And Delta In Louisiana

As the recovery from the hurricane, Laura and Delta continued in Louisiana, the households that survived got a relief.

The FEMA-provided housing relief extension is right now in the final stage of the recovery. This extension has offered the residents more time to deal with the situation. 

Here Is What Hurricanes Cost Louisiana

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, LSU, and Louisiana Sea Grant, Hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta, and Ida swept through during 2020-21. The damage estimated by the same is around $579 million in losses to the state’s fisheries infrastructure, revenues, and biological resources.

Adding to the commercial losses, Louisiana saw the need for around 1946 temporary houses under the housing program. This was scheduled for February 28, but with the recent condition, the facility is now extended to October 31. During this period, the occupants are expected to complete their housing plan as per The American Press report.

Understanding The Monthly Rent Linked Term

The extension includes the terms linked to the income-related monthly rent. Starting from March 1, all the occupants will be charged income-related monthly rent. This will be far below the standard and fair market rates for similar properties.   

FEMA officials added to this by urging the occupants to connect for rent-linked issues. The deadline to request the reduction in rent is set for February 28, post that the rent will be finalized and applied. 

FEMA Housing Eligibility

The housing program’s eligibility and continued occupancy are determined monthly for homeowners and biweekly for renters. To be eligible, occupants must demonstrate that they are making steady progress on their long-term housing plan.

At the program’s peak, there were 2,400 eligible households licensed into FEMA-provided mobile homes in 12 parishes.

Nearly 75% of those displaced are still residing in FEMA-assisted housing.

Local, state, and federal partners are stepping up efforts ahead of the new deadline to assist eligible Laura and Delta survivors in relocating to repaired or new permanent residences.

With the regular meetings held, FEMA and the State Joint Recertification housing teams work rigorously to get the residents back to their permanent dwellings.