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The Proposed Universal Health Care Bill Only Valid Upto Monday

According to the data, the Bill, which will create a Universal Health Care System for the people of California, faces a strict deadline. It will only be valid up till Monday.

The Democrats Face Serious Deadline Issues Regarding The Universal Health Care Bill

The earlier introduced Bill, which demanded a special policy according to which the government will have to pay for the entire state’s health care, is only valid until Monday. If the decision is not made in the given time, the Bill will not be considered further for making a law based on it.

The Bill Will Create State Legislature To Pay For The Taxpayer’s Health Care

The Bill will basically create a special health care system, but it will not pay for it suddenly. The Bill is far away from becoming law, but if it is not considered before Monday, the Bill will crash and will be of no use. Another bill that will actually pay for health care is far from the deadline.

Although as per sources there will be talks regarding the money issues.

The overall cost out there, which will be needed to pay for the health care of more than 40 million people in California, would be approximately $356.5 billion. The State Government is already paying next to $262 billion per year for courts, public schools, and more. 

The Democrats Earlier Introduced A Law That Imposed New Tax

There was a special law introduced earlier in the year that made the Taxpayer pay a special hefty tax of $163 billion per year. People considered this law and the proposed Bill to counterbalance each other. But lawmakers are finding it problematic to do so.

However, the supporters are struggling hard to make the Bill considered. If it’s not considered until Monday, the Bill will collapse automatically.

Supporters Claim They Are Already Paying A Lot For Health Care

The supporters were claiming that they are paying a huge bulk of money for healthcare in California, and hence they were hoping this law would be framed for their convenience.