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January 6 Committee Utilizes The Pence Team To Get Into The Trump’s West Wing

According to the sources, the Former Chief Of Staff Marc Short, who served under the ex-Vice President Mike Pence, gave significant and lengthy testimony under subpoena the previous week. 

This Special Appearance Carved A Way For The Committee To Penetrate The Hidden West Wing

The special events that took place in Trump’s West Wing, which were not disclosed to the committee, were revealed with the lengthy testimony of Marc Short. This information was believed to be the key to finding out everything about the unique secret West Wing headed by Trump.

Details Regarding The Conspiracy To Steal Presidency Were Also Revealed

There have been numerous conspiracies regarding the Presidential election of the US held in 2020. Numerous Agencies blamed former President Donald Trump for manipulating the election process to gain back the presidency. According to sources, it was reported that Trump was hoping for help with two versions of an executive order for capturing the voting machines from the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

However, these orders were never issued, which ultimately ended Trump’s days in the White House. 

Trump Tried To Destroy The Reports Sent To The Committee

According to the National Archives, it was reported that the unique West Wing document was torn and destroyed by Former President Donald Trump. Further, the papers had to be taped before presenting to the Committee on January 6. This destruction was additionally recorded as evidence in an inquiry from Congress.


Trump Continues To Play Big On The Political Level

Donald Trump is not lacking behind and is still active on the political level. Recently once again, he showed interest in the White House and tried to bid a huge amount.

According to his political organization, it was claimed that he has an enormous sum of $122 million in cash, which is actually a significant number for an ex-president.

The congressional investigators were in a dilemma and doubted whether the ex-vice President and his committee would share their experience. But as a fact, their testimony has provided a significant lead to the January 6 Committee.