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Apple iPhone 15 expected to come with color-coordinated braided USB-C cables

Rumors are circulating that the upcoming iPhone 15 and its larger counterpart, the iPhone 15 Plus, might feature color-coordinated braided USB-C to USB-C cables. Sources from Asia suggest this possibility, though the authenticity of these claims, initially brought to light by Twitter user “Majin Bu,” remains unverified.

Interestingly, the speculation gains credibility from a notable Apple device prototype collector known as “Kosutami,” who asserts having encountered design validation test (DVT) samples of these color-matched braided USB-C cables. The intention seems to be integrating these cables alongside the anticipated launch of the ‌iPhone 15‌ series.

In a departure from the norm, these cables exhibit glossy white plastic casings on each end, except for the black variant. In a marked distinction from the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable and MagSafe 3, these braided USB-C cables showcase strain relief tubes for enhanced durability. Reliable sources also suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will join the trend, arriving with their own color-coordinated braided USB-C to USB-C cables.

According to insights shared by Kosutami with MacRumors, the cables are likely to be available in an array of colors including white, black, yellow, purple, and even an orange shade that may resemble the iPhone XR’s Coral color option. It is anticipated that each of these cable colors will align with a corresponding ‌iPhone 15‌ color variant. Although a February rumor hinted at Pink and Blue choices for the ‌iPhone 15‌, other potential color options for the new devices remain undisclosed.

Traditionally, all iterations of the iPhone have been bundled with a uniform white cable featuring a white rubber casing, irrespective of the device’s chosen color variant. Apple’s gradual shift towards braided cables across its range of devices is noteworthy, particularly evident in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models featuring ‌MagSafe‌ 3 connectors, which are accompanied by color-coordinated braided cables. This trajectory suggests the plausibility of a similar transition for the ‌iPhone‌ series as it embraces USB-C technology.