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Spotlight on Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra battery previews

Amid the anticipation of Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S24 series set to grace the scene in early 2024, a trove of insights has come forth regarding the transformations Samsung is engineering. Notable shifts include a titanium framework for the ultra variant and sleeker, more streamlined edges for the base and plus iterations. Presenting itself as the latest revelation, a sneak peek into the batteries propelling these three devices emerges today. Through tangible real-world images, we gain insight into the model numbers and manufacturers of the batteries fueling Samsung’s imminent flagship offerings.

All three of these batteries have been duly certified by Safety Korea, an esteemed South Korean safety certification entity. The unveiled images put on display these batteries in their authentic form. Within this revelation, the Galaxy S24 bears the distinctive battery model EB-BS922ABY, the Plus variant stakes its claim with the label EB-BS926ABY, and the zenith of the lineup, the Ultra variant, is identified by the model number EB-BS928ABY. A notable point to underline is the commonality of the S-92x model code shared across these batteries. It’s worth mentioning that all these batteries bear the hallmark of ATL (Amperex Technologies Limited) as their manufacturer—a presence that resonates as quite customary within the market’s landscape.

While these images tastefully withhold the battery capacities of the Galaxy S24 series, preceding speculations offer insight into the powerhouses dwelling within. The Plus variant purportedly flaunts a commanding 4,800 mAh battery, while the Ultra variant raises the bar further with a substantial 5,000 mAh battery. The specifics of the base variant’s battery capacity, however, remain veiled in mystery, though rest assured, we’re poised to relay any forthcoming revelations as soon as they materialize from Samsung’s innovation hub.

Amidst these nascent glimpses into the Galaxy S24 battery realm, it becomes apparent that Samsung’s strides toward device refinement are gaining traction. The impending months promise a tapestry of leaks and revelations enveloping these devices, further heightening the excitement surrounding their eventual debut.