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Alibaba’s Daniel Zhang Makes a Surprising Exit from the Chinese Internet Giant

In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Zhang, the former CEO and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., has completely exited the company. The news broke on September 10, 2023, and has sent ripples across the tech industry. Zhang was not only the CEO and chairman but was also heading Alibaba’s cloud business. His departure marks a significant shift in the company’s leadership and raises questions about its future direction.

The Announcement

Alibaba announced on Sunday that Daniel Zhang would no longer serve as the head of Alibaba’s cloud business, in addition to his previous roles as CEO and chairman. This move has been described as abrupt and surprising by industry experts. The announcement was covered by multiple news outlets, including Investors.com, CNN, and The New York Times.

Impact on Alibaba’s Cloud Business

Daniel Zhang’s exit is particularly noteworthy because he was also in charge of Alibaba’s cloud division, a critical segment for the company’s growth. His departure comes at a time when the cloud business is increasingly important for Alibaba, especially as it faces stiff competition from other tech giants.

Market Reaction

Alibaba’s shares edged modestly lower in pre-market trading following the announcement. The financial year from April 2021 to March 2022 had already been impacted by uncertainties around COVID-19 and new regulations, as reported by CNBC. Zhang’s exit adds another layer of uncertainty to the company’s future.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Zhang has completely exited Alibaba, including his role as the head of the cloud business.
  • The move is considered abrupt and has surprised industry experts.
  • Alibaba’s shares have been negatively impacted by the news.
  • The departure raises questions about the future direction of Alibaba, especially its cloud business.


Daniel Zhang’s sudden exit from Alibaba is a significant development that has both industry and market implications. As the company navigates through this transitional phase, all eyes will be on who will fill the leadership vacuum left by Zhang. The event also raises questions about Alibaba’s strategic direction, particularly in the cloud computing sector, which is a critical growth area for the company.

Important Points:

  • Daniel Zhang’s complete exit from Alibaba is a major leadership shake-up.
  • The move has led to a modest decline in Alibaba’s share prices.
  • The departure adds to the uncertainties already faced by the company, including regulatory challenges and market competition.

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