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Google Tests New Homepage Design Mirroring Discover’s News Feed and Widgets

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and Google, the tech giant, is no exception. In a recent development, Google has been observed testing a new design for its homepage, drawing inspiration from its Discover news feed and widgets.

Key Highlights:

  • Google’s homepage, known for its simplicity, might soon undergo a significant transformation.
  • The new design closely resembles Google Discover on Android.
  • The change was first noticed by MSPowerUser, revealing a Discover-like feed below the search bar.
  • This test is currently limited to users in India.
  • Google Discover, initially launched on Android in 2017, has become a core part of the experience on most Android devices.

A Dive into the New Design:

For years, Google.com has been synonymous with a straightforward search box, representing the company’s core offering. However, recent observations suggest that this might be about to change. Following some tests in the previous year, the Google search homepage now showcases a layout strikingly similar to Google Discover, as seen on Android devices.

MSPowerUser recently highlighted this new design, where the Google Discover-like feed emerges beneath the search bar on the homepage. This feed curates a list of recommended articles from various sources, complete with headlines, featured images, and the name of the respective websites.

Google has officially acknowledged this test, clarifying to The Verge that it’s an ongoing experiment, currently accessible to users in India.

The Evolution of Google Discover:

Google Discover made its debut on Android devices back in 2017, initially named ‘the feed’ within the Google app, and later associated with the Pixel launcher. Its reach expanded in 2018, making its way to the mobile web version of search. By 2021, it had further extended to Samsung devices and even appeared within the Google Chrome browser.

Today, Discover stands as an integral component of the user experience on a majority of Android devices. It offers a blend of weather updates, stock market insights, sports scores, and a curated news feed tailored to individual user interests. This feature is also available within the Google app for iOS devices.

Unifying Google’s Search Experiences:

The new design on the Google.com homepage, if implemented, would likely feature a news feed, complemented by an ‘at a glance’ section. This section would provide quick insights into sports scores, stock market trends, and weather updates.

Interestingly, this isn’t Google’s first attempt at revamping its homepage. In 2022, there were reports of Google experimenting with a new design, incorporating widgets for weather, stocks, and trending searches. However, this design hasn’t seen a widespread release yet.

Given the popularity of the Discover layout and its associated widgets on mobile platforms, it seems logical for Google to introduce similar features on its web platform. This move could signify a step towards unifying Google’s search experiences across devices. However, considering the global popularity of Google.com, any changes to its design could have far-reaching implications.


Google’s potential shift towards integrating Discover’s features into its homepage underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience. While it remains an experiment for now, the new design could redefine how users interact with the world’s most popular search engine. Only time will tell if this change becomes a permanent fixture or remains a fleeting experiment.