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Google Bard Demo Fails: Microsoft Bing AI Advance In AI War

Google Bard demo failed on the first day of the work. Investors sold out $100 billion worth of stock in Alphabet after the Google Bard demo generated false information in a promotional video. Some shareholders are concerned that Google’s parent company is falling behind Microsoft in the AI race.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s recent statements were one of the reasons that influenced investors’ decisions. He made some bold claims, including that Microsoft Bing AI could defeat Google in the search business. According to Verge, he hopes people would realize that “we made them [Google] dance.” Is Google really “dancing?” You can ask its AI chatbot. However, given recent events, we must warn you, you may not get the right answer.
Google published an animated GIF on Twitter that appears to be the Google Bard demo responding to a query. “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I share with my 9-year-old?” One of Bard’s three bullet points is that “took the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system” was captured by the telescope. Astronomers, however, were quick to correct the record and point out that NASA’s website is incorrect and that the first snapshot of an exoplanet was taken in 2004. The failure costs $100 billion to Google.
Bard is an experimental conversational AI service, powered by LaMDA. Built using our large language models and drawing on information from the web, it’s a launchpad for curiosity and can help simplify complex topics → https://t.co/fSp531xKy3 pic.twitter.com/JecHXVmt8l
— Google (@Google) February 6, 2023
Google showed off its “experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA” with a video demonstration. Using machine learning, Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) enables chatbots to have “natural,” “unscripted,” and “unstructured” interactions, the company claims.
What happened? In the ad, the Google Bard demo is asked, “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?” After a little pause, the Google Bard demo spits forth two right responses. However, the ultimate response it provided was wrong. According to what Google Bard demo had written, the telescope had captured the first images of a planet outside our solar system. In reality, the Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory snapped the first images of these “exoplanets” in the archives at NASA.
Not to be a ~well, actually~ jerk, and I’m sure Bard will be impressive, but for the record: JWST did not take “the very first image of a planet outside our solar system”.
the first image was instead done by Chauvin et al. (2004) with the VLT/NACO using adaptive optics. https://t.co/bSBb5TOeUW pic.twitter.com/KnrZ1SSz7h
— Grant Tremblay (@astrogrant) February 7, 2023

The failure of the Google Bard demo has fueled fears that the tech giant is falling further behind Microsoft.. Because meanwhile, Microsoft announced its new AI-powered new Bing.
Bard analyst Colin Sebastian stated that Microsoft is leading in early AI public relations. Microsoft Bing AI takes the lead in the AI war. However, he underlined that the race was only getting started.
Microsoft has a sizable investment in OpenAI. Also, on January 23rd, Microsoft said it would be investing a substantial sum of money. The rise of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s danger forced Google to issue code red alerts and focused AI and launch the Google Bard demo.
Let’s briefly remember Google Bard AI as well as Microsoft Bing AI and compare them with ChatGPT to understand the multi-billion-dollar AI war better.
The Google Bard AI chatbot is programmed with a suite of deep learning algorithms called “large language models” that enables it to offer textual responses to user questions. The chatbot was created utilizing LaMDA technology, and it is pre-programmed to search the internet for the “most recent” replies to user requests. Google’s Bard AI is a conversational AI experiment that gains knowledge through its interactions with humans in order to get better at its job.
1/ In 2021, we shared next-gen language + conversation capabilities powered by our Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). Coming soon: Bard, a new experimental conversational #GoogleAI service powered by LaMDA. https://t.co/cYo6iYdmQ1
— Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) February 6, 2023

If you are selected to beta test the Google Bard demo chatbot, you must launch the Google app on your mobile device and select the chatbot icon. Just like in ChatGPT, type in your question or statement and press enter.
For more detailed information, we have already explained how to use Google Bard AI chatbot.
Let’s look at the other side of the AI war.
Using the same GPT technology as ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot built inside the Bing search engine. Microsoft unveils it at their AI conference.
Microsoft Bing AI will be able to do much more than offer search results; it will be able to create trip itineraries, recommend substitute items for recipes, and annotate search results with links, citations, and context on the right side of the search page. Like Microsoft’s Edge, AI war affects web browsers.
“AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all – search. Today, we’re launching Bing and Edge powered by AI copilot and chat, to help people get more from search and the web.”
-Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft
Do you want to learn how to join the Microsoft Bing AI waitlist? Just click the link and find out!
AI war is heating! The known distinctions between Microsoft’s Bing AI, Google’s Bard AI, and ChatGPT are given out in our comparison chart below.
Bing and Bard are not the only heavy guns in the AI war. Almost every day, a new tool, model, or feature pops up and changes our lives, like ChatGPT, and we have already reviewed some of the best ones:
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Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are two examples of popular web browsers. They make it possible to browse the web, watch videos on services like Netflix and YouTube, check email, play games, and much more. It’s important to consider how all the AI developments in the web domain can affect web browsers and how we use the internet.
Yes, AI war changes browsers. Web browsers won’t be outdated for a long time yet, but we can anticipate them to gain features that make it simpler to use search engines and content creators that rely on artificial intelligence. Maybe Chrome and Opera may incorporate a feature like Edge’s new AI sidebar in the near future.