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Bing AI Chat and Copilot Now Accessible on Google Chrome

The users of select Google Chrome cannot access Microsoft’s Bing AI chat and AI-powered search results on desktop browsers.
Caitlin Roulston, Director of Communications at Microsoft, has mentioned that the company is incrementing the access to Bing Chat in Safari and Chrome for the selection of users as part of testing on other browsers. The entire team of Microsoft is having the feeling of excitement to expand access to more users. This will be done once the standard testing procedures are complete.
Only users logged into Microsoft accounts could access the AI chat interface via the Bing app or Microsoft Edge browser for months.
Bing AI Chat In Google Chrome
Few of the selected users can chat with Bing AI in a browser other than Edge after accepting the terms of service and acknowledging the privacy statement for the AI chatbot.
The restriction in the category is that Bing AI chatbot only accepts 2,000 input characters on Chrome, while it accepts twice the amount of input in the Edge browser.
Some logged-in users may also have access to Bing’s AI-powered copilot in search results in Google Chrome. To visualize whether the user can access AI chat responses in Bing search results on Chrome, look under the menu for Labs.
Some users can enable dark mode on Bing AI. Users of desktop browsers like Safari and DuckDuckGo are still bounded to the Microsoft Edge browser, like mobile users to the Bing app to access Bing AI features.