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Bing AI makes its way onto Samsung Galaxy devices via integrated

By Umar Shakir, a news writer fond of the electric vehicle lifestyle and things that plug in via USB-C. He spent over 15 years in IT support before joining The Verge.
SwiftKey recently received Bing AI integration that puts Microsoft’s chatbot right at the fingertips of users who’ve installed the software keyboard. But now, the OpenAI-based search tool is making its way automatically onto pretty much every modern Samsung Galaxy device, SamMobile reports.
You see, Samsung Galaxy devices use their own One UI Android launcher, and that launcher includes a SwiftKey keyboard integrated into the system. This means Microsoft’s Bing AI is straight up making a Kool-Aid entrance onto Galaxies. Last week, Microsoft also barged in on users who went to try rival Google’s Bard on Edge browser.
Microsoft shared the SwiftKey update on Twitter yesterday and stated that the new version,, will roll out “in the next days” to Samsung users. The new Bing AI feature has been rolling out to SwiftKey users since mid-April, including on the recently revived iOS version.
Of course, Galaxy users who don’t want to have Bing AI sliding into their swiping keyboard can avoid it by using Samsung’s main and default Samsung Keyboard instead. You can toggle keyboards on Android by going to Settings > Languages and Input > On-Screen Keyboard. But even if you switch keyboards, this may not be the last Galaxy users see of Bing. Samsung reportedly is looking into shifting from its $3 billion deal with Google to make Bing its new search default, too.