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Fortnite Update 28.10 Brings Exciting Additions: Solid Snake, New Weapons, and LEGO Fortnite Collaboration

Fortnite’s latest update, version 28.10, has introduced an exciting mix of new features and content that promises to enhance the gameplay experience significantly.

Key highlights 

  • Solid Snake Skin: A new Solid Snake outfit is now unlockable in Fortnite, along with additional challenges for more skins and cosmetics.
  • New Weapons: The update includes the introduction of EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard Boxes for enhanced stealth gameplay, alongside the unvaulted Anvil Rocket Launcher.
  • LEGO Fortnite: LEGO variants for different Icon Series skins have been added, enhancing the creative possibilities within the game.
  • Balance Changes: Significant balance changes have been made to various weapons and gameplay mechanics to improve overall gameplay.
  • Bug Fixes: The update addresses several major bugs to ensure smoother gameplay.

Solid Snake and Stealth Elements

The iconic character Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series makes his way into Fortnite, bringing with him a set of unique challenges to unlock his outfit and accessories. The addition of stealth elements like EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard Boxes allows players to become virtually invisible and blend into the environment, adding a new layer of strategy to the game.

New and Unvaulted Weapons

The Anvil Rocket Launcher, a fan favorite, has been unvaulted, providing players with more explosive firepower. Additionally, the update has brought in balance changes to several weapons, including the Enforcer AR, Reaper Sniper Rifle, and Hyper SMG, aiming to improve the overall combat experience.

LEGO Fortnite Integration

The update has further expanded the LEGO Fortnite experience by introducing LEGO variants for various Icon Series skins. This integration continues to bring a refreshing twist to the Fortnite universe, combining the creativity of LEGO with the dynamic gameplay of Fortnite.

Competitive and Gameplay Changes

Notably, the new stealth items and Anvil Rocket Launcher are excluded from tournaments to maintain competitive integrity. The update also includes adjustments to storm circle speed, sprint speed, and energy regeneration, reverting them to their Chapter 4 speeds.


Overall, Fortnite update 28.10 offers a mix of exciting new content and necessary balance tweaks. The introduction of Solid Snake and new stealth elements, along with the LEGO Fortnite expansion, adds fresh dimensions to the gameplay. Coupled with weapon balances and bug fixes, this update seems set to keep Fortnite’s gameplay experience both engaging and fair