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Spotify Embraces In-App Purchases for EU iPhone Users Under New DMA Rules

Key Highlights:

  • Spotify to allow in-app purchases for audiobooks and subscription plans in Europe starting March.
  • The move is in response to the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA), aimed at leveling the playing field in digital markets.
  • The DMA will enable Spotify to avoid Apple’s 30% fee on App Store purchases.
  • Spotify and Apple have had a long-standing legal dispute over App Store rules and fees.
  • The rollout of these features by Spotify is dependent on Apple’s compliance with DMA.
  • The DMA aims to prevent “anti-steering” practices and obligates Big Tech firms to treat their own services like rivals’.
  • Spotify’s changes could enhance user experience in areas like podcasts, offering new experiences in verticals like audiobooks.

Spotify, the globally recognized music-streaming giant, is poised to redefine the user experience for iPhone users in the European Union (EU) starting in March 2024. This strategic move, driven by the impending Digital Markets Act (DMA), marks a significant shift in the digital landscape, particularly concerning in-app purchases.

The Impetus Behind the Change

The introduction of the DMA by the EU serves as a catalyst for this change. Set to come into effect on March 7, 2024, the DMA aims to establish a more competitive and fair digital market. A key provision of this act is the prohibition of “anti-steering” practices commonly employed by platform owners like Apple. These practices traditionally prevented app developers from informing users about alternative payment or subscription options.

Spotify’s Vision under the DMA

Spotify’s response to this new regulatory environment is both ambitious and user-centric. The company plans to roll out features that will allow EU users to seamlessly access subscription pricing, promotions, deals, and make purchases directly within the app. This development is expected to enhance user experience, particularly in areas like podcasts and audiobooks.

Impact on Apple’s App Store Policies

For years, Spotify has been at odds with Apple over its App Store policies and the infamous 30% fee levied on in-app purchases. The DMA presents an opportunity for Spotify to circumvent these fees, which have been a major point of contention. Apple, on its part, has not yet detailed how it will respond to the DMA, but it has faced regulatory scrutiny in various regions over its App Store practices.

Broader Implications for the Tech Industry

The move by Spotify underlines a broader shift in the digital marketplace, one where developers may have more freedom and users could benefit from increased competition and transparency. This shift is not just limited to Spotify or Apple but extends to other big tech firms, who are also required to comply with the DMA.


In summary, Spotify’s embrace of in-app purchases for EU iPhone users represents a significant stride in digital market reform. The implementation of the DMA heralds a new era where user experience and fair competition take precedence. This development not only benefits consumers in the EU but also sets a precedent for global digital markets.