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Galaxy S24 Pre-Orders in Korea Soar, Surpassing Galaxy Note 10’s Record by 38%

The Remarkable Rise in Pre-Orders Samsung Electronics has reportedly seen a remarkable 38% increase in pre-orders for its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24, in South Korea, compared to the highly successful Galaxy Note 10. This significant uptick in consumer interest underscores the brand’s enduring popularity and the high anticipation for new technological advancements in the Galaxy series

Key Highlights:

  • Pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 in Korea have surpassed the previous record held by the Galaxy Note 10 by 38%.
  • Industry experts attribute this surge to innovative features and effective marketing strategies.
  • The Galaxy S24 has introduced groundbreaking technology, including an advanced camera system and enhanced battery life.


Innovations Fueling Demand One of the key drivers behind the Galaxy S24’s popularity is its array of innovative features. The phone boasts an advanced camera system with groundbreaking low-light capabilities and super-resolution technology. Additionally, its enhanced battery life and cutting-edge processing power have set new standards in smartphone performance.

Impact on the Market and Competition This surge in pre-orders not only signifies a successful launch for Samsung but also indicates a shift in the smartphone market dynamics. Competitors like Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi are closely watching this trend, as it may influence their future product strategies and market positioning.

Consumer Response and Expectations Consumers have expressed excitement over the Galaxy S24’s features, particularly praising its user-friendly interface and the seamless integration of AI technology. The increased pre-orders also reflect a growing confidence in Samsung’s ability to innovate and deliver high-quality products.

Summary The Galaxy S24’s pre-order success in Korea, outpacing the Galaxy Note 10 by 38%, demonstrates Samsung’s continued dominance in the smartphone market. This achievement is attributed to the S24’s innovative features, effective marketing, and the brand’s strong reputation. As Samsung sets new benchmarks with the S24, the smartphone industry is poised for further advancements and heightened competition.