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Google Bard Advanced: Subscription-Based AI for Enhanced Capabilities

In a significant move, Google has confirmed that its upcoming Bard Advanced AI model will be available through a subscription model. This announcement was part of Google’s fourth-quarter earnings for 2023 and signifies a notable shift in the company’s strategy for advanced AI services.

Key Highlights:

  • Google has announced a subscription model for Bard Advanced.
  • Bard Advanced is powered by Google’s Gemini Ultra AI model.
  • Current Bard with Gemini Pro is free, but Ultra will require a subscription.
  • Gemini Ultra offers advanced maths and reasoning skills.
  • Specific subscription price and release date for Bard Advanced are not yet revealed.

The Evolution of Google’s AI Models

The Bard Advanced model is set to run on the more powerful Gemini Ultra AI model, differing from the currently available Bard with Gemini Pro, which is free to use. Gemini AI is available in three tiers: Pro, Gemini, and Nano, with Ultra intended for highly complex tasks. The integration of Gemini Ultra into Bard Advanced promises more advanced mathematical and reasoning capabilities, with features such as Motoko for user bot creation and a speculated “Gallery” section.

A New Era of Subscription-Based AI

While Google has not yet disclosed the specifics of the subscription price or the release date, there are speculations that Bard Advanced might be bundled with Google One subscription. The company has various Google One plans, suggesting different tiers for the Bard Advanced subscription.

The decision to introduce a premium subscription model for Bard Advanced comes as part of Google’s broader efforts to expand its subscription revenue, which has already crossed $15 billion annually. This move places Google Bard in direct competition with other AI services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which also offers a subscription tier.

Looking Ahead

As of now, there is no exact release date for Bard Advanced. Google previously indicated a release sometime this year, and the AI is expected to undergo testing by early users before a broader rollout. The introduction of Bard Advanced as a subscription service marks a significant step in enhancing its capabilities for subscribers.


Google’s Bard Advanced represents a pivotal development in the field of AI, marrying the advanced capabilities of the Gemini Ultra AI model with a subscription-based model. This strategic move by Google not only aims to enhance the AI experience for users but also underscores the growing importance of AI in technology and everyday life.