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Google Restructures Its AI Ethics Team, Sparking Industry Discussion

Google, a leader in technological innovation and artificial intelligence (AI) development, has recently undergone a significant restructuring of its internal AI ethics watchdog, the Responsible Innovation team (RESIN). This development raises important questions about the future of AI ethics and responsibility in one of the world’s most influential tech companies.

Key Highlights:

  • Google’s RESIN team, tasked with reviewing internal projects for AI principles compatibility, is being restructured following the departure of its leader, Jen Gennai.
  • RESIN’s responsibilities included conducting over 500 reviews last year, including assessments of the Bard chatbot.
  • The team, originally about 30 members strong, is being split, with some transitioning to the trust and safety department.
  • Google reaffirms its commitment to responsible AI development amidst these changes.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had previously emphasized the importance of developing AI responsibly as a top priority for the company in 2024. The restructuring of RESIN, however, has led to some uncertainty and skepticism among employees about Google’s capacity to uphold its responsible AI development goals.

Background of RESIN:

The RESIN team at Google played a crucial role in the company’s AI development process. Located within the office of compliance and integrity in the global affairs division, RESIN’s primary function was to review and ensure the compatibility of internal projects with Google’s established AI principles. These principles serve as guidelines for the ethical development and use of AI technologies, a critical consideration as Google continues to advance in generative AI.


The Impact of the Restructuring:

This restructuring, particularly the split of the RESIN team and the transfer of some members to the trust and safety division, indicates a potential shift in Google’s approach to AI ethics and responsibility. While a Google spokesperson has asserted that the reorganization will result in a stronger and more scalable responsible innovation effort, the move has generated a mixture of reactions within the tech community. Some view it as a positive step towards integrating AI ethics more deeply into Google’s broader operational framework, while others express concern about the future effectiveness and focus of AI ethics governance within the company.



The restructuring of Google’s RESIN team marks a significant moment in the tech giant’s approach to AI ethics and responsible innovation. As the company continues to lead in the field of AI, the manner in which it navigates these changes will be closely watched by industry experts, policymakers, and the public alike. Google’s ongoing commitment to responsible AI development, despite the internal shifts, remains a critical aspect of its business strategy and ethical standing in the tech world.