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Dyson Unveils the Supersonic r: A Game-Changer for Professional Stylists

Dyson has revolutionized the haircare industry once again with the introduction of the Supersonic r, a cutting-edge hairdryer designed specifically for professional stylists. Launching just in time for New York Fashion Week, this high-tech tool promises to elevate the hairstyling experience with its innovative features and professional-grade performance.

Key Highlights:

  • The Supersonic r is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor, making it the lightest and most compact Dyson hairdryer yet.
  • Incorporates RFID technology for smart attachment recognition, automatically adjusting heat and airflow settings for optimal styling.
  • Offers enhanced maneuverability and ergonomic design to reduce wrist strain for stylists during long styling sessions.
  • Features a miniaturized motor within the handle and a novel heating mechanism for even heat distribution, avoiding hotspots and potential hair damage.

Innovative Design and Technology for the Professional Stylist

The Dyson Supersonic r distinguishes itself with a unique r-shaped design tailored to the needs of professional stylists. Weighing just 325 grams, it is designed for ease of use and maneuverability, crucial for the demanding environments of fashion shows and styling sessions. The hairdryer’s ergonomic design includes strategically placed buttons and a trigger-style cold shot button for ease of use without adding wrist strain.

A standout feature of the Supersonic r is its use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in attachments. This allows for automatic adjustment of heat and airflow settings based on the attached styling tool, a feature aimed at maximizing efficiency and customization for different hair types and styles.

Moreover, the device employs a miniaturized motor and a novel heating mechanism that replaces traditional coils with stacked foils. This design ensures more even heating, reducing the risk of heat damage to the hair. An integrated air filter and mandatory filter usage enforced by a new sensor aim to prolong the device’s lifespan by protecting it from salon debris like serums and hairsprays.

Exclusive Availability and Future Prospects

Initially, the Dyson Supersonic r will be available exclusively to professional stylists starting in March 2024, priced at $569.99. This launch strategy emphasizes Dyson’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of professional haircare practitioners. While it’s currently focused on the professional market, the introduction of innovative features like RFID attachments hints at the potential for future consumer models to benefit from these advancements.


The Dyson Supersonic r represents a significant leap forward in professional haircare technology. Its combination of lightweight design, advanced heating technology, and smart features like RFID-enabled attachments addresses the needs and challenges of professional stylists. With its launch, Dyson reaffirms its commitment to innovation in the beauty industry, promising more exciting developments in the future.