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EY Launches Cutting-Edge Tech Lab for Edge Computing

Ernst & Young (EY), in collaboration with Dell Technologies, has unveiled the EY Edge Technologies Lab, a pioneering initiative aimed at harnessing the power of edge computing. This strategic move is poised to transform how organizations leverage data for digital transformation, emphasizing real-time, industry-specific solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • EY partners with Dell Technologies to launch the EY Edge Technologies Lab.
  • The lab focuses on edge computing for digital transformation in various industries.
  • Aimed at creating prototypes and use cases for edge-centric solutions.
  • Initial focus areas include manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, consumer products, and utilities.
  • Collaboration with leading companies like Microsoft, PTC, GE Digital, and Snowflake to enhance edge computing applications.

Introduction to Edge Computing Innovation

The EY Edge Technologies Lab represents a significant leap forward in edge computing, offering a dedicated environment for the development and demonstration of edge-based ecosystem technologies. By leveraging the expertise of EY and Dell Technologies, the lab aims to accelerate the digital transformation journey for businesses across multiple sectors​​​​.

Collaborative Efforts and Industry Focus

This initiative not only highlights the collaborative efforts between EY and Dell but also involves key industry players such as Microsoft, PTC, GE Digital, and Snowflake. The primary goal is to demonstrate the tangible benefits of edge computing, such as enhanced speed, performance, security, reliability, and resilience, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0 applications​​.

Innovations and Applications

The lab promises rapid prototype development, with the capability to create industry-specific prototypes within a week. This approach enables organizations to envision and experience transformative business outcomes and data strategies, thereby driving the adoption of edge computing. The EY Edge Technologies Lab utilizes Dell’s NativeEdge operations software platform, alongside various edge computing hardware, to tailor solutions for diverse industry use cases​​.

Strategic Implications for Industries

Focusing initially on sectors such as manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, consumer products, and utilities, the lab aims to bridge the gap between data transformation and management. By facilitating the development of edge-centric use cases, such as IoT solutions for manufacturing processes, EY and its partners are setting new standards in digital innovation​​.


The EY Edge Technologies Lab marks a pivotal moment in the application of edge computing technologies, offering businesses a unique opportunity to explore and exploit the benefits of real-time data processing. This initiative underscores the growing importance of edge computing in achieving digital transformation and competitive advantage across various industries. By combining EY’s industry knowledge and Dell’s technological expertise, the lab is poised to lead the way in edge computing innovation.