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GO Tour 2024: Time and Space Unfold in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO tour 2024

Pokémon GO’s “GO Tour 2024: It’s About Time (and Space)” event has brought an exciting array of Special Research Tasks and Rewards that has the community buzzing. Here’s a concise rundown of the highlights that trainers can expect:

  • Exclusive Special Research Tasks themed around the concept of time and space.
  • Unique rewards including rare candies, XP boosts, and exclusive Pokémon encounters.
  • Time-limited challenges that encourage exploration and engagement with the game’s augmented reality features.

Key Highlights:

  • Special Research Tasks offer unique challenges and rewards.
  • Rewards range from XP boosts to exclusive Pokémon encounters.
  • The event is time-limited, encouraging prompt participation.

Special Research Tasks and Rewards

This year’s GO Tour revolves around the innovative theme of time and space, offering players a variety of Special Research Tasks that are both challenging and rewarding. The tasks are designed to engage players in the core mechanics of Pokémon GO, such as capturing Pokémon, battling in raids, and hatching eggs, while also introducing new elements that tie into the event’s theme.

Exclusive Rewards: Participants can look forward to exclusive rewards that enhance their gameplay experience. These include XP boosts, which are crucial for leveling up, and rare candies that can be used to evolve Pokémon. Additionally, players have the chance to encounter and capture Pokémon that are themed around the event, adding a unique element to their collection.

Participation and Accessibility

The event is accessible to all players, with some tasks and rewards exclusive to those who opt into the special research through in-game purchases. This model allows for a broad base of participation while offering additional value to those who invest in the event.


The “GO Tour 2024: It’s About Time (and Space)” event represents a significant step forward in Pokémon GO’s evolution, offering an immersive and engaging experience that leverages the game’s unique blend of augmented reality and community play. With its innovative theme, challenging tasks, and exclusive rewards, the event is a testament to Niantic’s commitment to keeping the game fresh and exciting for its dedicated fan base.