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ScapesMania: Listed Gem, Explosive Growth Potential!

ScapesMania: Listed Gem, Explosive Growth Potential!

Today, the cryptocurrency market is witnessing another bull run, with Bitcoin leading the charge and altcoins following suit. According to crypto analysts, the upcoming altcoin season is expected to primarily feature gaming tokens. Expert predictions suggest that the rapidly growing niche of gaming projects could reach $90.51 billion by 2031.

Taking inspiration from the growing popularity of casual gaming, ScapesMania has emerged to bridge the worlds of Web2 and Web3, bringing together the best of both. Remember how certain gaming projects surged during the recent bull market? Now, it’s time for ScapesMania to reach new heights and unleash its full potential.

Keep reading to dive into the ScapesMania ecosystem, uncover what makes it special, and see how you can join in on the action.

Initial Post-Listing Performance

Following a highly successful presale that amassed over $6,125,000 and attracted 18,400 holders, the project made its exchange debut on March 6, 2024. Now, the ecosystem’s native token, $MANIA, is up for grabs on PancakeSwap, a top-tier decentralized exchange with a whopping 1 million monthly users. Trading started with MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT liquidity pairs. USDT was chosen as the primary liquidity source, responding to community demand.

The first day of trading was impressive. The token price has remained resilient, showing solid tokenomics and a promising outlook for the project. ScapesMania is standing out from short-term ICO projects, demonstrating a sincere commitment to growing alongside its community.


In the initial 24 hours, the number of holders stabilized at 18.41K, while trading volume reached $2.25 million. Notably, ScapesMania rose to the top of DEXTools’ Hot Pairs list almost immediately.


What is ScapesMania?

In today’s crypto gaming world, there’s often a gap between projects and the people they’re meant for. Crypto fans seek potential gains, while players just want a great gaming time without getting into the complexities of crypto. When this gap isn’t bridged, players and holders walk away from projects.

ScapesMania steps up to tackle these challenges by entering the casual gaming scene. It’s a unique system designed for both traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Players get to enjoy awesome gaming adventures without needing to understand crypto, while token holders have a say in how the ecosystem grows and reap the rewards of its performance, no matter their gaming habits.

What is $MANIA Token?

The $MANIA token has many uses, such as:

  • DAO Governance:As the project evolves, it is set to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) run by the community.
  • Token Staking:Community members can stake $MANIA tokens to score rewards in additional tokens.
  • Engagement Rewards:Community members can get tokens by participating in various activities.
  • In-game Assets:Upon the completion of game development, players will be able to get in-game assets with $MANIA tokens.
  • In-game Rewards:Players will also have a chance to unlock token rewards through in-game tournaments, events, and other activities.
  • Ecosystem Currency:The $MANIA token is designed to be used in various projects within the ecosystem, helping to expand the market and potential gains from new games being added.

Why Join ScapesMania?

Curious about why you should get involved with ScapesMania now that it’s listed? Let’s break down the most compelling reasons.

First, $MANIA tokenomics are well-balanced, with a cliff and vesting. What does it mean for holders, you ask? Scheduled vesting aims to maintain token’s stability, keeping the supply and demand in check.

Additionally, ScapesMania plans to incentivize community members through its staking program. By locking in a certain number of $MANIA, you can get more tokens as a reward for your commitment.


Through DAO governance, ScapesMania adopters will be empowered to vote on important decisions regarding the ecosystem development. Just imagine having a say in a project operating within a billion-dollar industry!

ScapesMania is also actively expanding the utility of its native token, introducing new features and integrating it into more gaming projects. This growth means more opportunities and benefits for $MANIA holders.

Plus, the team behind ScapesMania excels in reaching a broader audience, as seen in the $6M+ presale success. This achievement stems from a strong marketing strategy. With increased visibility and support from crypto influencers, the user base grows, and the demand for $MANIA increases, benefiting the project and the community in the long run.

ScapesMania 2

Lastly, the project’s smart contract has undergone a thorough audit by BlockSafu, instilling trust in community members.

Sounds convincing enough? With a well-balanced tokenomics structure, empowering DAO governance, and expanding utility, it’s a smart move to join SacapesMania at your earliest opportunity.

P.S. Make sure to do your own research (DYOR) and keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile. There are no guarantees of any particular outcome.

Community Confidence

The crypto community is abuzz with talk about ScapesMania across popular platforms. People are eager to join because they resonate with its vision and want to play an active role. Even whales are paying attention, with deposits already exceeding $20,000.

Community Confidence

It’s clear that none of this success would be achievable without such a devoted community. The ScapesMania team extends sincere gratitude to its supporters for this initial boost. And keep in mind, this is only the start – there’s much more in store!

Community Confidence 1

Looking Ahead: Future Opportunities

The road ahead looks bright, especially in ScapesMania’s main arena: casual gaming. Predictions from Statista indicate this sector will soar past $19.12 billion by 2027, marking an incredible opportunity for growth.

Moreover, with the current bull run fueled by Bitcoin’s rise, it’s clear that the next wave of altcoins, particularly gaming tokens, is on the horizon. With ScapesMania now listed, amid the rising market, there’s no better time to get in and grab your $MANIA tokens.

Having achieved fund generation targets, the team is now fully focused on product development. This phase demands skill and resources, and ScapesMania is actively recruiting top talent by partnering with experienced game development studios and assembling an in-house team.

Recently, ScapesMania’s CEO outlined the team’s development strategy. Devs leave no stone unturned, crafting every step from the idea’s inception to the polished final product. This process involves developing hypotheses, testing them out in the real world, and constantly improving them based on what works best.

Future Opportunities

What’s on the horizon? As per the roadmap, the upcoming milestones include the alpha release of the pilot game in the ecosystem, the launch of a staking program, and the integration of DAO management. As Sven, the project’s CEO, says, “The ScapesMania project roadmap is all about staying relevant and must be dynamic to fit to the crypto market conditions.

Want to keep up with the development progress? Join the community channel, and you won’t miss a thing.

Future Opportunities 1

How to Buy $MANIA on PancakeSwap: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to dive into ScapesMania but unsure how to get started? Here’s a quick guide on how to buy $MANIA tokens on PancakeSwap:

  • Step 1:Go to the Swap page on PancakeSwap.
  • Step 2:Select the token to swap for $MANIA — USDT, BNB, or WBNB.
  • Step 3:Click “Swap” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Tap into Gaming Potential Now

ScapesMania’s journey is just getting started. With the casual gaming industry poised for massive growth, now is the perfect moment to dive into this exciting space.

Recall the surge in gaming projects in 2021? The current crypto market boom presents a similar opportunity for substantial gains. With a steady post-listing price and robust initial support, $MANIA has already shown its strength.

The future price of ScapesMania is shaped by the strength of its community, reaching development milestones, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Excelling in these areas, ScapesMania opens endless growth possibilities. With a bold vision and solid tokenomics, it has the potential to reach incredible heights.

Gaming Potential Now

Seize the opportunity and join in! Head over to PancakeSwap now to secure your $MANIA tokens.

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Site: https://scapesmania.io/

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Telegram: https://t.me/scapesmania

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