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An Open Source activist, who pursues his passion for tech blogging. In early years of his life, he worked as market analyst for a number of companies. Martin has been writing reviews and articles for a local magazine for last five years.

OpenAI Pulls ChatGPT Voice Resembling Scarlett Johansson Amid Controversy

OpenAI pulls its ChatGPT voice assistant GPT-4o, resembling Scarlett Johansson, amid ethical and legal controversy, sparking debates on AI development and celebrity likeness.

Samsung’s Persistent Galaxy S24 Discounts Continue to Attract Buyers

Samsung extends aggressive discounts on the Galaxy S24 series, providing significant savings on the latest flagship models. Explore current deals and offers.

Japan’s SLIM Lander: A Triumph Over Extreme Lunar Conditions

Explore how Japan's SLIM lunar lander defied odds by surviving three lunar nights, showcasing JAXA's innovative prowess in the field of lunar exploration.

Decoding the Diamond: How Baseball Showcases the Boundaries of AI

Explore how the unique complexities of baseball challenge AI's capabilities, revealing the limits of machine learning in unpredictable, human-driven realms.

Invisible Horizons: The Science of Disappearing Technology and Its Expanding Future

Delve into the revolutionary world of invisibility technology, exploring how cutting-edge advancements like metamaterials and transformation optics could reshape industries and the everyday.

Drake’s Alleged NSFW Video Sparks Online Frenzy: Real or AI-Generated?

Explore the debate surrounding the leaked NSFW video alleged to feature Drake. Is it a real scandal or an AI-generated hoax?

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