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He loves to share his thoughts via Internet. Associate writer at Inferse.com, his prime focus is to review latest cameras and smartphones. He is the official photographer at Inferse.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3: Emulating AirPods Design and Features

Explore the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 with their AirPod-like design and enhanced features, including active noise cancellation and AI-enhanced audio, priced at $179.

Apple to Equip All iPhone 16 Models with A18 Chip: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore the latest updates on Apple's decision to equip all iPhone 16 models with the A18 chip, enhancing efficiency and performance across its 2024 lineup.

Apple’s Exploration into AirPods with Built-in Cameras

Discover how Apple's potential new AirPods with built-in cameras could revolutionize wearable tech by enhancing interaction with the environment and improving health monitoring.

Inside Look at Microsoft’s Canceled Xbox Cloud Console: The Keystone Initiative

Explore the details of Microsoft's canceled Xbox cloud console, Keystone, its features, and the strategic shift that led to its cancellation, reflecting on future prospects in cloud gaming.

OpenAI Pauses Development of Seductive Voice Assistants Amid Ethical Concerns

OpenAI has temporarily halted the launch of its advanced voice assistants featuring the "Sky" voice due to ethical concerns and resemblance issues raised by Scarlett Johansson.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: 5 Key Announcements to Watch For

Get ready for Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event! Expect new foldable phones, a health-focused Galaxy Watch, upgraded earbuds, refined software, and potentially a smart ring.