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He loves to share his thoughts via Internet. Associate writer at Inferse.com, his prime focus is to review latest cameras and smartphones. He is the official photographer at Inferse.

Why the Sparkle Emoji Is Often Used to Represent AI

Discover why the sparkle emoji (✨) is frequently used to represent AI in tech products, symbolizing innovation, magic, and user-friendly enhancements.

Privacy Concerns Mount Over Microsoft’s New AI Tool: Experts Raise Red Flags

Privacy experts raise serious concerns about Microsoft's latest AI tool, highlighting potential data security and misuse risks.

Challenges for AI PCs are Just About to Start

Explore the challenges AI PCs face as they prepare for a market surge in 2024, including differentiation, user adoption, and security concerns.

Google Insider Reveals Pixel 9 Pro Design Decisions

Leaked renderings of the Google Pixel 9 Pro reveal significant design changes, including a redesigned camera bar and flatter edges. Discover the latest details on the upcoming Pixel 9 Pro.

Top OpenAI Researcher Resigns, Citing Prioritization of Shiny Products AI Safety

Top OpenAI researcher resigns, criticizing the company's focus on marketable products over essential AI safety measures amid ongoing FTC scrutiny.

HMD’s Strategic Pivot: Launching Independent Brand Identity Beyond Nokia

Explore the strategic evolution of HMD Global as it debuts its own brand of smartphones, stepping away from its Nokia legacy to embrace innovation, sustainability, and global market expansion in 2024.

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