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Lynn Schindler
She has spent the past eight years playing the role of an infrastructure consultant, and has now joined Inferse.com as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep interest in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech happenings.

Tech Giants Under Fire: YouTube Creators’ Videos Used for AI Training Without Consent

YouTube creators are outraged as tech giants like Apple and Nvidia are found to have used their videos for AI training without consent. This raises ethical and legal concerns about the use of online content for AI development.

Xbox Live Disrupted: Navigating the Impact of a DNS DDoS Attack on Global Gaming...

Discover the details of the recent Xbox Live outage caused by a DNS DDoS attack, including its impact on gamers and Microsoft's response.

Report: Apple’s Device Longevity Makes AI More Important

Explore how Apple's focus on device longevity and advanced AI integration is reshaping user experience, enhancing the lifespan and relevance of devices like iPhones and Macs.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Z Fold 6: Launch Details and Features

Discover the latest features and launch details of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, set for unveiling on July 10, 2024. Get insights into its design, performance, and more.

OpenAI Introduces CriticGPT to Evaluate GPT-4 Outputs

OpenAI launches CriticGPT, a new model designed to critique and improve the outputs of GPT-4, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content.

AI Tools are Coming to Gmail, Google Drive, and Firefox: A Closer Look

Discover the latest AI enhancements in Gmail and Google Drive, and learn about upcoming integrations in Firefox, aimed at improving productivity and streamlining tasks.