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Nvidia’s Profit Soars, Underscoring Dominance in AI Chip Market

Nvidia Corporation has once again demonstrated its dominance in the artificial intelligence (AI) chip market, reporting record-breaking financial results that underscore its pivotal role...

Challenges for AI PCs are Just About to Start

Explore the challenges AI PCs face as they prepare for a market surge in 2024, including differentiation, user adoption, and security concerns.

AI Outperforms Humans in Theory of Mind Tests

AI surpasses humans in Theory of Mind tests, revealing profound implications for future AI applications in social and cognitive tasks.

Ex-Google Manager Compares AI Overviews to Failed Google+

Ex-Google manager compares AI overview tools to the failed Google+, highlighting issues of complexity, market readiness, and user engagement.

Harnessing AI and Chatbots: Revolutionizing Time Management in Routine Tasks

Explore how AI and chatbots are transforming the way we manage mundane tasks, boosting efficiency and freeing up valuable time for more critical activities.

X Video App: Revolutionizing Home Entertainment on Smart TVs

Explore the new frontier of streaming with X's innovative smart TV app, designed to bring extended video content directly to your living room. Get ready to experience media like never before, with launches on Samsung and Amazon Fire TVs.