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OpenAI’s GPT-5: Three Big Upgrades to Expect

GPT-5 is set to launch this summer with enhanced parameters, improved reliability, and advanced multimodal capabilities, promising significant advancements in AI.

OpenAI Pulls ChatGPT Voice Resembling Scarlett Johansson Amid Controversy

OpenAI pulls its ChatGPT voice assistant GPT-4o, resembling Scarlett Johansson, amid ethical and legal controversy, sparking debates on AI development and celebrity likeness.

OpenAI Reportedly Dissolves Its Existential AI Risk Team Amid Safety Concerns

OpenAI dissolves its Existential AI Risk team, shifting focus to a new Preparedness team to enhance AI safety measures amid rising concerns about advanced AI risks.

Top OpenAI Researcher Resigns, Citing Prioritization of Shiny Products AI Safety

Top OpenAI researcher resigns, criticizing the company's focus on marketable products over essential AI safety measures amid ongoing FTC scrutiny.

Exploring the Boundaries of Artistic Creation: A Deep Dive into OpenAI’s DALL-E Edit Feature

Explore the capabilities and limitations of OpenAI's DALL-E Edit feature in creative image generation and how it compares to Adobe Photoshop.

Morgan Stanley Leads Wall Street’s AI Charge with Strategic Head Appointment

In a pioneering move marking Wall Street's increasing tilt towards artificial intelligence (AI), Morgan Stanley has announced a significant leap in its innovation journey...

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