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TikTok Confirms Cyberattack Targeting CNN and Other High-Profile Accounts

TikTok confirms a cyberattack targeting CNN and other high-profile accounts, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures to protect against phishing scams.

TikTok Temporarily Disables Reward Feature in France and Spain Following EU

In response to EU regulations, TikTok pauses its new reward feature in TikTok Lite across France and Spain to address concerns about user safety and potential addiction.

TikTok Under Scrutiny: A Deep Dive into FTC Investigations and Data Concerns

Explore the latest on the FTC investigation into TikTok over data practices concerns, including bipartisan calls for scrutiny and the platform's response to allegations of mishandling user data.

TikTok Creators Highlight Economic Risks of Potential Ban

TikTok has evolved from a simple social media platform to a significant economic force, shaping industries, careers, and even small businesses. The potential ban...

Italy Fines TikTok for Failing to Protect Minors

The European Union has imposed a significant fine on TikTok, marking a decisive move to ensure the safety and privacy of minors online. The...

TikTok’s CEO Urges Users to Protect Their Constitutional Rights After House Ban Vote

In a notable response to a recent vote by the U.S. House of Representatives, TikTok's CEO has made a vigorous appeal to the platform's...

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