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Samsung to launch a new more affordable A-series foldable smartphone

Samsung has already been leading the foldable smartphone segment with a healthy margin and is aiming to further build upon its lead by introducing new models that address the more budget segments. According to a new report on this, the South Korean giant could be working on a new foldable smartphone that is more affordable compared to its current line-up. This would be in addition to the new Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip phones that the company is already touted to release soon.

The report meanwhile also states the new more affordable foldable smartphone will be part of its ‘A-series’ smartphone. However, the said smartphone is not expected to reach markets before 2024 or maybe even 2025 as well. As it is, the foldable smartphone is fast becoming more common and demand too has been picking up pace. With newer models introduced more frequently pricing too has started to come down a bit, which in turn is fuelling more demand.

Samsung clearly is looking to cash in on this even more by launching a cheaper foldable smartphone which will also add to its dominance in the segment all the more. As things stand at the moment, Samsung is leading the segment with a 74 percent share of the market. Meanwhile, it’s not known what form factor the upcoming ‘A-series’ smartphone is going to be like. Samsung currently offers the Galaxy Z Flip series that comes in a clam-shell form factor and the Galaxy Z Fold range that comes with a book-like design. The latter also takes the form of a tablet when opened and hence can serve both as a smartphone as well as a tablet.

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