Home Team


Charles Miller – He is well known among his circle for his incredible attraction towards smartphones and tablets. Charles is a python programmer and also a part-time Android App developer.

Bill Taylor – The youngest in the team, he is responsible for reporting all the rumors and leaks related to gadgets and software. Other than spreading rumors, Bill also likes to write about social networking and cyber security.

Brandon Martin – An Open Source activist, who pursues his passion for tech blogging. In the early years of his life, he worked as a market analyst for a number of companies. Martin has been writing reviews and articles for a local magazine for the last five years.

Julia Martin – She has been writing columns on consumer gadgets for over 2 years now. Her areas of interest include smartphones, tablets, mobile operating systems and apps. She holds an M.C.S. degree from Texas A&M University.

Abhinav Mishra – Abhinav Breathes and Bleeds Technology. He’s a humanoid with a passion for Gadgets, Cars, Gaming. You can usually find him on PSN Blabbering about his FIFA skills.

Rahul Gaur – With over the past 10 years of experience as a content specialist, he has worked to build successful web publications focusing on SEO and researching, writing, editing and publishing content.

Sovan Mandal – A keen tech enthusiast who loves to keep a tab on the tech scene, with special emphasis on things like smartphones, tablets, laptops, convertibles and such. Cars happen to be his other passion, not to mention the recent trend here comprising of electric cars and autonomous cars. Off late, he has also started tinkering a bit with stuff like electronic circuits, electric motors a bit though he’s just a novice there.