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How difficult it is to get into university?

There are many universities in the UK and elsewhere, but there are many applicants who want to get admission to the university. Post-Covid 19, the demand for universities has increased too. The tariffs are also quite high. With all these considerations, it would be tough to take admitted to universities. Learn Now can help you get into University . If you gain awareness about A levels online and also about the cut-off for university entry and the other factors then you can get admission to your dream university.

Find the best online course which can take you to further destination

When you are out of GSC, you may want to take A levels online. Before you check out for your further study program at the university, the most important decision will be the choice of the subjects that you choose. If you choose something quite normal or common then this might not be in sync with your program. You can take the help of online sources like Learn Now as that can help you to get into the university too.

Know what subjects you have to be good at?

If you are looking for a pharmacy degree then you should be good at chemistry. You may even have subjects like math, biology, and physics. For a degree in Economics, you may need math or economics as your main subjects. For Geology you may need math and physics. So, there would be choices of subjects that you will have to make pretty well. This will help you to clear A levels online with ease.

There are some subjects like Law and Psychology wherein there will be a need to do a lot of work as in essay writing and thesis writing. Before you take the plunge into any of these things, understand the amount of workload that will be involved.

 People find it tough to get admission to good universities often

People indeed find it tough to seek admission to good universities. This might be because of a lack of proper guidance and low score in A levels. If you choose the best online solution to pass the entrance then you can get the perfect guidance from them. Learn Now is one such option that can make things easy with sheer guidance and provision of the right direction.

When you have multiple subjects, A grades would provide you with the best chance to get into university. But there are other practical issues too that people face. Check them out.


  • Students would want to get admission to a university outside their country. They may want a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any other course or any other subject which they have not done till now.
  • International universities need basic- English which the students should be able to speak, understand and be familiar with. The course material and content would be such that there has to be a basic need for these things. Even though the students may have academic skills, they may not have such exposure to the English language and this would create issues in their study course. Perhaps this will pose a hurdle for them when they want to get admission to the university.
  • The graduation score might not be high enough to get admission to a good university. But one should try the other things like work experience, volunteer work, special courses, etc. If you could write a letter to the university showing your level of maturity and expertise then this can help you to seek admission.

It is vital to get a good level of expert advice and that will work towards getting the best solutions.

With Learn Now, this will be possible. A student might not have enough experience in any of the platforms. But when they have someone ready to help, things might become possible.

There should be a showing of academic skills, language skills, and expertise. Of course, your grades and the subjects will also matter. If you are quite naïve in understanding these things and if you find it hard to get admission to the university for further studies. Learn Now can be one of the options that show you the right path for university admissions.


If you are looking forward to A levels online then make sure that your choice of subjects is good enough. You need to become a pro in many things and for that, you can take the help of online courses. Sometimes, it’s better to study online courses than go to universities because that can offer you the best exposure within a small budget. Learn Now can help you get into University and also provide you with a breakthrough for enhancing your academic future. Take the plunge to enhance your life and educational career.