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 Top 5 Organization Apps You Must Have in 2022!

In a world full of distractions and hassles where you’re always running out of time, staying organized can be a real struggle. You might want to sort everything out and take time to make lists, plan your routine schedules, meetings, and events and manage your productivity.

But it all seems to be very difficult to manage with long hectic working hours, which makes you lose track of time and thus you fall behind. Well not anymore. We are going to update you on the best organization apps that can help you boost your productivity and manage simple yet personal tasks of your everyday life effectively. 

These apps are easily available out there and you can get the best out of them just with the help of a reliable and stable internet connection serving at your place, like ATT Internet, which provides high-speed internet up to 1000 Mbps and lets you enjoy unlimited internet without any data caps.

With that sorted, let’s get into the list of apps that you can use to organize everything from your thoughts to your shopping lists, family commitments, and doctor’s appointment:

Files by Google

If you’re exhausted with all the clutter your phone has gathered over months or years and need to sort it out, then don’t worry. Our trusted friend Google has it sorted out for us with Files by Google. It is a neat tool specifically for Android phones. 

You can move all the access photos, videos, and files in this app and make your smartphone lighter again. It has some amazing features including self-cleaning of junk files, cache storage, and boosting phone memory and performance.

You can easily find your stored pictures, videos, and data only with a few clicks. Files by Google also help you with making more room in your phone by cleaning temporary files and deleting duplicate and unused files and apps on your phone that too at a really fast speed. So if you want to get started by organizing your phone, then this is the app just made for you.


Dropbox has been around since 2007 and ever since its one of the best tools to keep your documents and data organized. It’s free and provides you with storage space of up to 2 gigabytes. Super user-friendly and easily accessible for working without an internet connection too. 

This cloud-based tool helps you manage your scattered content, facilitates coordinating, and offers a smarter way to work. Your data is continually getting synced and is secured according to your preferred privacy settings.

Dropbox is easily available on iOS. Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web. You can even use it in the workplace to keep all your teammates organized and on the same page by putting project details, timelines, to-dos, and update on recent activities.


When you have a bigger family where everyone is busy with their routines and cannot manage to share updates and everyone’s schedules, FamilyWall comes to the rescue to keep you all connected and on the same page. You can easily get this app from your Apple or Google Playstore for free. However, they have an optional subscription available too. 

It is one hell of a family management app that helps you share your calendars, chores, and shopping list with your family via messaging. You can track your grocery lists, plan dinners, arrange fun activities and locate your kids’ current location with this app. It’s the best app available in the market to organize your family time and keep you connected with the people you love the most.


Todoist is a great app that you can use as a planner to make your to-do lists. This application can work well on different platforms and devices such as iPhones, mac books, android phones, tablets, and Windows, providing users feasibility to connect with various plugins for browsers, emails, desktops, and laptops.

It enhances collaboration and productivity that helps in organizing tasks and sets schedules as well as deadlines.

The main benefit of the Todoist app is that is user-friendly and it provides the edge to work offline too. It helps you to easily add and remove users from your tasks, create comment features, track login details, set reminders, and track productivity visualization, allowing you to control all the disorderly lists and streamline all your thoughts ideas, and plans properly.


Evernote is a powerful organizing app that comes with a variety of advanced features that helps you not only with note-taking but to manage your to-do lists, scan a business card, record voice memos, and update your schedules and events with calendar integration, PDF annotation, and much more. It helps you organize your files by saving them in a specific project notebook that you can find even years later without losing any data.

This app helps you attach your documents, photos, and PDF files and organize them according to your own preferences. You can keep a track of all your upcoming events, meetings, and appointments with the Evernote app that you can easily get from Apple Play Store, Google Play Store, or Windows.  It has both a free version and a premium one which you can get according to your choice.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt in the fact that organizing your tasks gives you more clarity and increases your productivity rate. Gone are the days when you had to find a pen and diary to sit and make to-do lists to keep yourself organized. Technological advancements have made it so much easy for us to use simpler tools and organize ourselves even better. We have provided you with a list of apps you can use to make your life easy by organizing your everyday tasks and making the most out of them.