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How to install an app for Android that’s not available on Google Play

Most of us either use a smartphone or a tablet on a daily basis. In fact, some people even have both devices and use them all time. One of the reasons these gadgets became so popular is that we can download and install different applications.

Unlike a few years ago, both Android and iOS have millions of apps that we can download in just a matter of seconds. Some of them are free, whereas others will require you to pay a certain amount of money before you can get your hands on them.

If you are one of the millions of Android users out there, you’re probably used to open Google Play, type the name of the app, and wait until it downloads and installs itself. This is usually the process that you have to undergo with most apps.

However, there are some cases where you might not find the given app on Google Play, which means that you have to download and install an apk file. This usually takes just a few minutes, but since most of you probably haven’t done it yet, we’ve decided to look at the entire process to know what to do if you ever end up in such a situation.

Change specific settings on your device

Before you even download the apk file, there are certain settings that you have to change on your Android device to install this file. Don’t worry, these changes won’t affect your safety in any way. In fact, you can revert them back right after you’ve installed the apk file.


Regardless of what Android version you’re using, the first thing you need to do is go to your device’s settings. Once there, look for a tab called “Security” (it could have a different name, depending on when you’re reading this) and click on it.


After it opens, you need to look for an option that will allow you to install apps from unknown sources (this basically allows your smartphone or tablet to install apps that are not featured on Google Play). Once you’ve enabled it, you can now download the apk file. If you need any help on how to download bet365 on your phone or tablet, take a look at this review.


What’s next?


After you’ve downloaded the apk file, you need to open the folder and begin the installation. This process is usually pretty fast, but it depends on what device you’re using. Naturally, the flagship smartphones will probably install the app faster than a tablet. After the installation process is over, just open the app as if you’ve downloaded it from Google Play.

If you are worried about your security, you can always go back to “Setting” and revert the changes we’ve mentioned. However, you will have to go through this process every time if you want to install any apk files or update your existing sones, which can be annoying, especially if you do it frequently.