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Leitz Phone 2’s 47.2 MP sensor is the largest ever on any smartphone

Leica has announced the launch of its new Leitz Phone 2 which it claims has the largest sensor that has ever been fitted in a smartphone. The company said it is a Type 1 47.2 MP CMOS image sensor that has been integrated into the phone, one that works in perfect tandem with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. This way, the phone is able to initiate various sensor modes depending on the scene or the environment where the shot is being captured. The phone offers a resolution that is twice that of its predecessor, the Leitz Phone 1.

Leica further explained the Leitz Phone 2 comes with what it refers to as the ‘Octa PD-AF’ phase detection system. Its functionality is based on subject recognition artificial intelligence and leads to high speed and highly precise auto focus. Also, it is a 19mm f/1.9 lens that the rear camera comes with. Leica said this ensures the images captured are of exceptional clarity, have high dynamic range, and low noise. On the front lies a 12.6 MP camera having 27mm f/2.3 lens. The front and rear cameras are capable of 8x and 6x digital zoom respectively.

The focal length as well as the bokeh effect it offers matches that of the Summilux 28mm, Summilux 35mm, and Noctilux 50mm camera lenses. The color and tone filters in four colors are also similar to the deep color tone that you will find on Leica cameras. Further, a nice feature of the Leitz Phone 2 is that its camera performance remains consistent with just the minimal impact caused by external lighting conditions. That way, the images remain sharp, have perfect clarity, and have low noise even in low light conditions.

Images get saved in RAW or JPEG format. Also, as it is with Leica branded smartphones, the Leitz Phone 2 offers the company’s unique Leitz Looks as exemplified by the familiar camera user interface as well as the quick settings feature usually found on all Leica phones. Plus, there is that distinctive shutter sound as well that’s characteristic of every Leica camera.

The Leica Leitz Phone 2 is however currently only available in Japan where it can be procured via SoftBank. The phone can be bought from November 18 onwards and will cost 225,360 yen, which translates to around $1,590.