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Google Pixel Fold: Price, specs, and availability discussed

With the Google Pixel smartphone range getting rave reviews, the Google Pixel Fold has easily emerged as one of the most anticipated smartphones as we approach 2023. With that being how things stand at the moment, here is all that we know of the upcoming foldable phone so far.

Google Pixel Fold specs

Coming to the specs first, it isn’t everything that we know right now though what seems evident is that the foldable will be powered by Google’s own Tensor chipset. The same already powers the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. Rumor also has it that the foldable will feature around 12 GB of memory along with at least 128 GB of storage. The higher models should offer more storage, maybe 512 GB on the top model.

Further, the Pixel Fold is expected to come with a 5.8-inch cover screen, one that has a wider aspect ratio compared to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold which comes with a 6.19-inch cover screen. Once opened, the Pixel Fold will likely have a 7.57-inch OLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. So, it’s an almost 8-inch tablet that you have once the foldable is opened while serving as a 5.80-inch smartphone in the folded state. The phone should also be running Android 13 when it is launched next year.

Google Pixel Fold cameras

Coming to the cameras, expect things to be as hyper as it is with the regular Pixel smartphones. While here too specifics remain scarce, an Android enthusiast claims to have come across some info coded in Android 13 Beta. That includes mention of a 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor that would serve as the rear primary cam. The same is accompanied by a 12 MP ultra-wide angle lens and a 10 MP telephoto sensor. The telephoto lens will however have a smaller zoom compared to the 48 MP telephoto lens that the Pixel Pro comes with.

Thereafter, there is a pair of 9.5 MP cameras also present, one placed within the punch hole on the outer display with the other resting on the bezel on top of the inner display. This way, you will be able to initiate a video call or capture selfies in both folded and unfolded state. With that being the camera setup, expect picture quality to be top-notch, something that the Pixel range is known for.

Google Pixel Fold Design

The basic design remains the same, with a cover display making up the exterior. Unfolding the device will reveal a larger display and transforms the device into a tablet. Think of the all too familiar Samsung Galaxy Fold series and you should have an idea of what is being implied. However, the outer display seems shorter and wider on the Pixel Fold than it is on the Galaxy Fold 4. Opening the foldable will reveal a larger display having a horizontal landscape orientation.

The familiar Pixel 7 traits can be found on the rear, what with the horizontal camera bump stretching along for most of the width of the camera. Further, speaker grilles are present on the top and bottom frames while the power button on the side serves as the fingerprint sensor as well. Also, it being made of metal and glass, expect the phone to be quite heavy but will have a premium look and feel to it.

Google Pixel Fold Price and Availability

The Pixel phones are premium offerings commanding premium price tags. The same should apply to the Pixel Fold as well or maybe even more of it considering that it doubles up as a tablet device. For reference, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 currently sells for around $1800 or so. Expect the Pixel Fold to go on sale at around the same price. As for its expected launch date, experts opine that likely could happen around May 2023, which is also when Google hosts its annual developer’s conference as well.

Stay tuned for all the latest on this.