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iPhone 6s photos leak, design language confirms incremental bump

If you were anticipating major iPhone changes this year, the latest photo leak will pour cold water over your excitement.

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman got his hands on the latest photo leaks for the 2015 iPhone, and the design language of the upcoming iPhone, considering the size, width, antenna lines, connectors, speakers, and microphones, are all identical with last year’s iPhone 6. What this means, to be brief, is that very little externally will change with the new iPhone as opposed to the iPhone 6. You can expect an iPhone 6s model this year as opposed to the iPhone 7 naming rumor that calls for a rather new redesign. Usually, the “s” model is an incremental bump over the previous model. We’ve seen this with the iPhone 4S (which was named after “Siri” and was Apple’s first smartphone model to incorporate the voice assistant) and iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6, as opposed to the 5s, increased the display size of the iPhone from 4 inches to 4.7 inches.

In addition to rumors about the new iPhone being labeled the “6s” as opposed to “iPhone 7,” the design language shows the same mono camera on the back, contradicting the claim we’ve heard about the new dual-lens camera setup on the rear camera for the upcoming iPhone. In other words, you can prepare to live with only one camera on the back of the iPhone for another year. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, but we’d love to see Apple increase its megapixel count in the iPhone experience along with the digital zoom. There’s something to be said for the digital zoom quality in cameras with higher megapixel counts; anyone who doubts this need only take a look at the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its zoom quality by way of the phone’s 41MP camera.

The latest photo leaks aren’t encouraging for many who want to upgrade their iPhone this year, but other rumors say that Apple may attempt to kill off the 16GB iPhone in the upcoming model. While this is a welcome change for many iPhone users, keep in mind that Apple won’t kill the 16GB model without likely charging another $100 for the 32GB iPhone 6s (if the 32GB becomes the base model), which means that the price of the base iPhone will go from $692 or so unlocked to $792 or so unlocked.

There are some welcome changes, such as faster LTE speeds in the upcoming iPhone 6s as opposed to the iPhone 6 (which will allow for 300Mbps LTE speeds as opposed to the maximum 150Mbps speeds for the iPhone 6), and Force Touch technology, not to mention the fact that the new iPhone 6s will run iOS 9. iOS 9 is said to be a way for Apple to return to what it does best – optimizing software – instead of providing new features and apps each year. Apple’s received some negative press with its iOS 7 and iOS 8 releases, in which Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bugs, as well as app crashes and phone bricks frustrated customers.

Apple says that it’ll return to its roots in iOS 9, with iOS 9 being said to delete apps in order to install the latest updates, with the option to add them back once the update install has taken place. iOS 9 will consume less than 2GBs of device storage, which is a lot less than iOS 8 required (6GB); however, the small update also indicates that bug fixes and enhancements will dominate, with little new (if anything) from Cupertino. A low power mode and split-screen multitasking feature (for iPads, no word on this feature for iPhones) are also expected.

Apple will announce the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus this September, with its iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4 announcement scheduled for October.

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