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Apple iPhone 6: 5 reasons why you’ll love it

The iPhone 6s is on the way, but unveiling won’t eliminate the iPhone 6 from the minds of many consumers who’ve been waiting for the right time to make the iPhone 6 their own. What’s old to some tech-savvy consumers may be new to those who don’t feel the need to have the latest and greatest.

We detail five reasons to love the iPhone 6, despite the impending iPhone 6s.

Reason 1: The iPhone 6 price reduction

As with every passing year, what was once new turns old, but the price turns new – with a discount to celebrate its turning older. The iPhone 6s will allow the price of the iPhone 6, $199.99 with a two-year carrier agreement, or ~$692 off-contract for the 16GB version (with higher rates for the 64GB and 128GB versions), to come down. In other words, you may be able to snag that 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 16GB if you’re on contract – or the off-contract 64GB for $100 cheaper than its full retail price. And with dropping prices, you can buy a higher storage version and pay the same price you would pay for the smallest model.

Reason 2: The Retina Display

Apple’s Retina Display once sat at 640p screen resolution, but Apple has now increased the iPhone 6 resolution to 750p (slightly better than 720p). This means that the viewing experience is better than its ever been on the iPhone. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have the jaw-dropping resolution of the Quad HD display on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, but it will do the job for most consumers.

Reason 3: The iPhone 6 has a sufficient display size

Everything is getting better with smartphones each year, and display size is seeing its share of growth in most high-end smartphones. It seems odd nowadays that you can find a smartphone with a display size smaller than 5 inches, but Apple’s iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display – which makes it the smartphone of choice for those who just don’t want a large screen in their hands or pockets.

There are some individuals, even those with large hands, that don’t want to struggle to hold their phone without dropping it because they can’t firmly grasp it with one hand. While there is a benefit to larger screens such as viewing Netflix content and having a generally easier viewing experience with reading, web browsing, and gaming, the iPhone 6 exists to show consumers that they can be different – and it’s still okay.

Reason 4: The iSight Camera

Smartphone cameras are now dabbling into professional photography headquarters, and the term “DSLR” is being tossed around with smartphones such as the iPhone 6. One reporter claimed that he put down his DSLR camera for his iPhone 6, but with the 8MP iSight camera on Apple’s current model, there are still problems – such as digital zoom, details from long distances (taking a picture of a building from across the street, for example), among others.

And yet, some consumers don’t seem to care about professional photography. They’re happy with a basic point-and-shoot camera that can take great pictures for Facebook and other social media sites. If you’re one of these people, the 8MP iSight camera will more than do the job. If Apple ever decides to increase its camera megapixel count, however, you’ll start taking those professional photos, even if you don’t want to.

Reason 5: Touch ID

Touch ID was designed to ease the process of signing into the App Store, unlocking one’s phone, and for security purposes. And, if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 5, for example, you’ll get your first taste of Touch ID in the iPhone 6.

Touch ID is simple, easy to use, and secure against prying eyes, hands, and minds. Touch ID is so secure that even the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the NSA are against it.

The iPhone 6 is still one excellent smartphone for those who prefer Apple’s “walled garden.” If you’re happy with your iPhone experience and need an upgrade, these reasons will make you love the iPhone 6. For those who are content and easy to please, you won’t care what the iPhone 6s holds because you’ll be too carried away with your iPhone 6 to notice.

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