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Apple iPod line set for refresh this week, with new colors and 64-bit bump

The iPod. It’s a product that is reminiscent of older days, back when it was used simply as a music-storing device for iTunes users. With each passing year, “the death of the iPod” has been proclaimed as the next step in the road for Apple’s music product. We’re told that with growing iPhone sales, what reason is there to continue the iPod as a product?

Despite the question about its utility, Apple continues to have faith in the iPod lineup. The latest information regarding the years-old product line says that Apple will refresh the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch with a new look and “under-the-hood” operation this week. The iPod Touch is set to get some new colors (and thus, model numbers) with the addition of “electric blue and fuschia pink in addition to new classic black, pink, and gray colors,” said the French site iGen.

There could be a new gold color in the works as well, seeing that Apple’s gold-colored iPhone 6 has been so popular. The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle will come with the support of Apple Music, Apple’s latest attempt to compete with the likes of music streaming giants Spotify and Pandora. Apple Music provides a three-month trial, followed by a $9.99 monthly fee and updating the perfect music devices in Apple’s lineup shows the company is still on its “music kick.”

If you want to hear Taylor Swift’s red-hot “1989” album, only Apple Music has it at the moment. The major hit country music star recently pulled her album from Spotify due to her belief that free music-streaming services, in principle, deprive well-deserving artists of their hard-earned income.

The iPod Touch may also be set for a 64-bit renovation, seeing that Apple hasn’t updated the current iPod Touch, the fifth-generation model, since 2012. Apple has been given developers the green light to create apps that take advantage of the new computing architecture under the hood of the iPhone 6, and making the iPod Touch 64-bit would increase use of the product due to the 64-bit gaming experience via Apple’s Game Center. The fifth-generation iPod Touch runs with an A5 processor currently, which is three generations behind the A8 chip found in the iPhone 6.

The date rumored for Apple’s new announcement is Tuesday, July 14th, but iGen says that Apple could debut the new iPods “next Monday or Tuesday,” implying that the announcement could arrive in the next day or two.

Apple’s decision to update the iPod line seems a bit out of place for the company, but the iPod lineup does have its fans. After all, Apple wants to bring in any customer it can, no matter the age, and the iPod line has always been popular with the teenage crowd. Parents who want to introduce their children to the wonderful world of mobile tech with some boundaries in place may be more willing to buy their child(ren) an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone 6, for example, and children who download Jott, one of the fastest-growing apps in the teenage sector right now, can text their friends without needing a cellular data plan or Wi-Fi connection – making the iPod perfect for even the least of us.

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