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Microsoft launches Windows 10, Global Rollout begins in 190 countries

There we have it! Today is the official launch day of Microsoft’s newest Windows 10, which will be available to users in 190 countries starting today. There’s quite a lot to look forward to in the new OS, not to forget the return of the iconic Start menu.

Windows 10 will now be available as a free upgrade for users running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and it started seeding out today at midnight ET. Users will receive a pop-up alert to notify them about the upgrade, and is expected to be gradually rolled out to all users over the coming weeks. As users who signed up for the Windows Insider Program will be receiving the upgrade during the initial roll-out phase.

Notably, the free upgrade to Windows 10 will be valid for a period of one year, as after that users will need to subscribe to continue. The move comes as a result of Microsoft’s new strategy as to how it’ll deal with the OS in the future. The company said that Windows 10 will be the last version of the OS, which will come with an annual subscription in the future.

And as the new wave of Windows updates is being rolled out for different time zones, Microsoft is reportedly already consuming over 10Tbps on Content Delivery Networks (CDN) worldwide. While Streaming Media sources suggest that the Redmond giant has reserved up to a massive 40Tbps of bandwidth with major CDNs. Hence, this implies that the company is doing all it can to deploy the new OS to millions of users around the globe.

Meanwhile users who’re interested to get the free Windows 10 upgrade, below is a list of pointers that should get your system prepped for the upgrade:

  • Firstly, users are strongly recommended to back up their files before starting the upgrade process on cloud services or their flash drives.
  • As already mentioned, only users running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be eligible for the free upgrade. The company says a new Windows icon notification will pop-up on the right (in the system tray) that’ll alert users when their system is ready for the Windows 10 upgrade, though make sure you have reserved a copy.
  • One the pop-up comes; all you need to do is follow prompts. The installation process will take about an hour, while on newer devices it’ll go slightly faster (about 20 minutes), says Microsoft. For users who are not seeing Get Windows 10 app icon in the system tray, make sure your automatic Windows Updates is turned on.

Microsoft has given good enough reasons for users to upgrade to the new OS. Notably, the addition of the Continuum feature, voice assistant Cortana, not to forget the new and powerful Edge browser along with a slew of features the company has added based on feedback received from members of the Insider program.