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New Apple iPhone 6s photos surface, small refresh expected

The iPhone 6s announcement and unveil are just a few weeks away, and, as usual, photos leak regarding the next-generation device.

New pictures show a device that is similar to that of the iPhone 6, with nearly everything in the same place as before. There are some changes, however: sources familiar with the iPhone 6s prototypes says that the iPhone 6s will be a tad thicker than the current iPhone 6, with a 7.1mm profile as opposed to the current 6.9mm profile of the iPhone 6.

The reason behind the slight size increase has everything to do with what many believe to be the implementation of Force Touch in the iPhone experience this year. The new 7.1mm profile of the iPhone 6s would match the profile size of the current iPhone 6 Plus in Apple’s lineup.

Force Touch has been added to the MacBook lineup with the new MacBook and Apple Watch, and Apple looks to bring it to the iPhone and the perhaps iPad lineup this year, too. Force Touch is a feature that will allow the iPhone display to recognize a soft or deep press and perform certain actions designated with a particular press. For example, on the current Apple Watch, you can deep press to change your watch face.

There is one inner change for the iPhone 6s this year: whereas Apple decided to split its flex cables into components, the company has decided to go with one single flex cable in the iPhone 6s that connects the volume, flash, mute, and power functions. Apart from that, the iPhone 6s would reflect, in many ways, the current iPhone 6s model.

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Apart from the innards of the iPhone 6s and the same external design and home hardware button, Apple will unveil iOS 9 with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple is said to focus its efforts on optimization and bug-squashing this year, eliminating lots of additional features for a cleaner and smoother user experience. iOS 9 looks to arrive on even “ancient” devices such as the iPhone 4s and the third-generation iPad – the first Retina display iPad. Apple could, however, increase its 8MP back camera to 12MPs this year, although there’s been no evidential corroboration of that rumor at this time. 2GB of RAM and faster LTE have also been rumored to make their way to the upcoming iPhones.

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be announced next month.