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Microsoft delays Windows 10 Threshold 2 until November due to instability issues

Over the past month, Windows 10 users have seen mere patches to the latest OS, though reports suggest the Windows maker seems to be working on the first incremental release for its Windows 10 for PCs codenamed Threshold 2.

Threshold 2 is expected to be rolled out sometime in November, which was reportedly planned for an October release initially, though Microsoft decided to delay the release of the non-patch update until November.

Reasons for delaying the upcoming update can be attributed to a number of reasons.

As pushing the update to a later date gives them more time to polish and fine tune the new features and changes included with the update, that should eventually bring a more stable build for Windows 10 users.

The report further claims that while Threshold 2 is just a codename, the company might probably name the update when it finally releases in November. Microsoft might market the update as “Windows 10 Update for November” or the “Windows 10 November Update,” though there’s no confirmation whether this will be the final label for the first major update.

For now, Windows Insiders are testing some of the changes introduced with Threshold 2 in the latest PC build the company recently rolled out. The update could see some changes made on the new Edge browser, such as support for extensions and touch gestures.

In addition, the company might also introduce the Universal Messaging app that the company showcased in earlier Windows 10 demos, though did not bundle it with the OS when it officially launched back in July.

Notably, it is worth pointing out that the upcoming Threshold 2 is not going to be a substantial update with a plethora of new features and changes. As the next major update for Windows 10 is scheduled sometime next year – codenamed Redstone – which is expected to bring significant changes to Windows 10.

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