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Coinbase adds 19 million verified users in 2022 despite crashing crypto markets

Soccer and basketball are two of the most popular sports worldwide. The betting market for these two games is enormous, especially where the fans are passionate about their favorite teams and leagues. The major leagues are always in the limelight, no matter the time and season. Here’s where you can get an API odds script for soccer and basketball – A script is an algorithmic program written to solve some specific task.

1. TheSports API

TheSports API is a data service with a wide range of live data covering football, basketball, and eSports. The network provides the latest news and real-time data on matches, players, teams, and leagues. TheSports API also offers software development kits to its clients. Their service offer focuses on betting and prediction platforms that want more insights into the games. The JSON-based SDK applies to any platform.

TheSports also features a betting API where you can automate your trading process. You can get the latest odds, change the odds and get back market data at any time. The betting API allows you to integrate with any SaaS, mobile, or desktop platform. You can access all betting information on the network with a single API request. As a result, your clients will get the most accessible and reliable access to their trading needs.

2. Live-score API

Live-score API is a sports data provider and betting infrastructure platform. They offer solutions that are built with the sole purpose of increasing your profits in the sports betting market. Their offerings include a full sandbox environment where you can test and experiment with the product without cost. It gives you free access to all their features until you’re ready to move ahead with your project. You can do an API integration or use one of their partners to help you with the development process.

Their football API covers over 400 competitions, cups, and leagues worldwide. It includes the top European leagues and events. You can get live scores, odds, and other data related to the games in real time. JSON and XML are the primary data formats. You can get your data directly from the API and deliver it inside your platform.

3. API-Basketball

The API-Basketball is focused on basketball data. They offer real-time data on players, teams, statistics, games, and more. Their network is one of the most comprehensive in the world, covering the biggest events in basketball. This includes NBA games and all other major competitions around the globe. The API comes with many endpoints that you can use to access your preferred data.

You can get score updates from all games, box scores from past games, and stats from certain players or teams. The API also allows you to access historical player data and game logs. You can also get live data on live games in real-time. The platform is suited for projects like mobile apps and betting programs. Their API comes with different packages that you can use at an affordable price to get all the information your need.


The API-NBA is one of the largest networks to offer NBA data. Their network includes scores, stats, and player information that you can use to generate different reports. It includes league data, player data, team data, and game logs available in CSV or XML formats. You can get the most recent news on players and teams and their official rosters.

The API also covers past games for teams to get stats about each player or team in action.

It has different pricing plans that you can use at an affordable price to get all the information you need. The team data is available for free for a limited time. You can subscribe to a monthly or annual package to receive all the data you need from the network.

5. API-Sports

Based in France, API-Sports is one of the most comprehensive sports betting data providers. They offer live scoring and live data on games and players. With their API, you can get scores, results, stats, and player information. The different endpoints are built for various purposes. For example, you can get scores from all games worldwide and game logs from a team or league to get stats about them in action.

The soccer API is also available in French, English, and Spanish. The football API covers leagues and competitions like the English Premier League, the French Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more. You can get live scores to monitor the games or get past game logs for each competitor in action. In addition, the network gives you access to the stats of players and teams and former players who are still active nowadays.

The Bottom Line

API odds scripts provide a new way to automate trading and identify profit opportunities in the betting market. It is designed to be easy for non-programmers, so the user doesn’t have to learn complicated computer languages. There are tons of scripts available for traders that offer a variety of features. You need to know what your needs are before you can find one.

You can get API odds scripts for soccer and basketball to automate your trading processes.

The API will streamline data retrieval and integrate it into your existing platform. You can also develop your trading platform if you’re unhappy with the existing platforms.

The solution can be used in betting, eSports, fantasy sports platforms, and any other field that requires real-time data from the league or matches.