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Adblock Browser available for iOS and Android, saves up to 50% Data Plan and 20% Battery Life

Popular desktop ad-blocking app Adblock Plus, has finally launched the Adblock Browser v1.0, which is now finally available on iOS and Android.

“As previously announced, we’ve been working hard on Adblock Browser for Android and iOS over the past few months. I’m happy to announce that today is the day where we release it on both platforms,” says ABPs official news post.

Adblock Browser essentially gives users ad-free web surfing, and can now be installed on Android devices running v2.3 or higher. While to use the Adblock Browser on iOS, users will need a device running iOS 8 or higher.

AdBlock’s Android version has been in beta since May, which the company says saw more than 300,000 downloads in the first week itself. Notably, Google earlier banned the app from the Play Store as it “interfered with or accessed another service or product in an unauthorised manner.” Though now its officially listed on the Play Store for the first time since March 2013.

Adblock Plus claims that its Android and iOS browsers offer a much safer, secure, faster and efficient web browsing environment. They further tout that the browser offers better battery management with less battery drain, and also claims that the browser significantly reduces chances of malware infection.

While it also gives users a few additional tools such as the option to add additional filter lists, customize blocked content or change the default settings to block all ads. On the iOS version, the company says it offers ‘intuitive tab functionality’ easy bookmarking, smoother scrolling, along with a tweaked keyboard layout.

Interested users can now try out the Adblock Browser on both Android and iOS.