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Apple introduces first Google Play ‘Move to iOS’ app to help migrating users

Apple recently made its latest iOS 9 update available for users to upgrade. And to everyone’s surprise, the Cupertino giant has also introduced ‘Move to iOS’ – a new app on the Google Play that allows users to switch from Android to iOS.

With the new app, users can easily transfer all their stuff – contacts, calendars, bookmarks, messages, pictures and videos – from their Android device over to an iPhone or iPad wirelessly, though you won’t be able to move all of your apps while certain users have been also reporting loss of data.

After setting up their iDevice, a 10 digit code will be provided which must be entered into the ‘Move to iOS’ app on their Android phone. The two devices will then create a link among themselves through which users can transfer almost anything, barring certain apps. Once the transfer is complete, users will need to provide email passwords to the Apple device so it can easily transfer the data as well.

As expected, the feedback of the app on the Google Play is a mixed bag. For the most part, its facing the brunt of Android loyal as more than 1,700 users have given the app a 1-star rating, whereas just over 400 users have given the app a 5-star rating. Currently at the time of writing, the apps rating sits at 3 on the Google Play. Hence, readers are advised not to entirely go by these reviews, as most of these votes come from Apple and Google fanboys.

It seems Apple wants to take the sting out of Android’s dominance somehow, and the new app seems to be a pretty good start. Users interested to switch from Android to iOS will need an Android device starting with Android 4.0, a new iOS device, along with the new Move to iOS app, which comes with the iOS 9 update. As the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro come with the app pre-loaded on the device.